Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Nice Little Family (& a surprise)

For those of you who read about the deer mama and her twin babies (here and here and here and here) this past spring, I have an update for you. People often ask us if we have seen them since the last one left. And it was several weeks, but we did catch a glimpse of the mom and sometimes we would see one baby or the other.

One morning Jay said he saw one baby outside our fence and s/he and Topher had a stare off. It was one of those “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” kind of moments.

But then . . . just this evening, after a thunderstorm and heavy rain, as we pulled into our driveway, in the neighbor’s yard we saw this gathering.


It caught us by surprise. But there they were. All peacefully enjoying the evening together, the mama deer, the twins and what is that?! A new little one?! Yes! A new little one.


If Topher had only seen them! I think he might have been stymied by seeing four at one time.  Seeing this many around here is kind of crazy.



  1. Well guessing daddy must be somewhere not that far off either then!

  2. Now we need Dad to join them and we would have the whole family. What a lovely surprise to see them, I'm glad another little one has been born.
    hugs Kay


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