Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Last Quarter

No, I’m not down to my last quarter. The title refers to the last portion of 2014. That would be October, November and December. I am working on some bears for my upcoming show in November which I hope will be ready for their close-ups before too much longer. (Stay tuned.) And with Christmas following shortly behind in December, I have received a few secret requests. There wouldn’t be many surprises on the day for some people if I were to show exactly what I have in progress at the moment but I can show you this.

What is that you asked? “Um . . . it looks like a pile of debris.” And you’d be right. It was once a label on a cigar box which I had to remove for a project. This is some glamorous life I lead, eh? All in the name of something more interesting down the road. One can only hope.

So between the bears and the requests and the project which I began and then stopped to do a little more research, there are projects underway in the studio, on the porch and in my mind but not much I can show here at the moment. Besides – just a glimpse into my mind would be right scary and it’s not time for Halloween just yet.

As always, thanks for reading!

Until later,



  1. Ginger your artistic talent is always going of in another direction. Now we have to keep guessing in our minds.
    HUgs Kay

  2. Hang on, we're counting on our paws, and even though it took a bit of co-ordination, we're pretty sure there's more than just a quarter to go, don't go scaring us like that!

    Jack, Boo & The Clan


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