Sunday, October 19, 2014

More Friends

Hi ho. It’s me again, Sebastian. A few days ago I had lunch at a place that almost made me feel like I was in Hundred-Acre Wood. I’ll bet you are wondering how that could be. It’s because all my favorite friends from Hundred-Acre Wood were there!

First I met my friend Eeyore. He’s such a softie. I loved, loved, loved meeting Eeyore. He’s so huggable and very nice too.

After Eeyore traveled on, along came Pooh. While we are both bears, Pooh is iconic. Even so, he’s just the same as he always has been: my favorite bear – along with Duffy and a few others!

Trailing after Pooh was his little pink friend, Piglet. Piglet is every bit as adorable in real life as he is in the storybook.

Lastly, we met Tigger. There’s no one like him. He’s one-of-a-kind and so happy and bouncy that we all had to get in a photo together. It was fun being hugged by a Tigger!

I was so excited I almost forgot to eat my lunch!

love & hugs,



  1. Sebastian, you must be a celeb or something, meeting all those famous people(Animals) We love all of the Hundred Acre Wood people. I could not believe how little you looked. Is your fur shrinking???
    HUgs Wilbur

  2. Oh wow, did you get to do to Pooh Corner? And where was Rabbit? And Kanga? And Roo? And Wol? And...

    Jack, Boo & The Clan


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