Monday, November 24, 2014

Let Me Back Up for a Moment

Back in October I posted a witch hat project underway. I have not forgotten that I didn’t show the rest of it. It has been a crazy few months and that’s all I have in the way of an excuse. I aim to fix that now even though Halloween seems like ages ago and we celebrate Thanksgiving this week. After that, we all know what follows in December!

I have plans to post some of these new pieces on my website for adoption but for now I will show you the rest of the Witch Hat.

It begins with stepping back a bit to a photo that got lost somewhere in the process. This is that photo. I had to figure out where this I needed to put this lighted rope.

Here’s another viewpoint.

This shows it in place on the painted hat. Finding where my marks were so I could glue it in place was a bit tricky.

Next I added some glitter to a black leaf vine – after all it was for Halloween.

This detail photo shows the vine and rope in place.


I created this little lady go with the hat. She was fun to make but it was much easier to work on the large witch hat than her tiny one.

And . . . at last, after all this time. The entire piece. Together. Here. On bearbits. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add her to my website sometime in the next little while. I’m trying to get a good photo of the rope lit up, but I’m not having much success.


So that’s me backing up for a moment. Now for my next trick . . .

Thanks very much for reading!


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  1. That is just gorgeous. Love it to bits. Lights are always a problem.
    Hugs Kay


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