Sunday, March 1, 2015

On the Road West – The Beginning

We are on what we are calling The Grand Adventure – moving our lovely and talented daughter to the other coast. From North Carolina to California – one mile at a time. There are twenty-three hundred of them or 2,300 miles. This is one part of our wagon train.

Sebastian is with us. He let me take his photo this way but insisted he would not be riding 2300 miles backwards!


We’ll be spending most of our days heading down the interstate highway so I venture to guess that most of my photos will be taken from the cab of the truck going 60 miles per hour like this one.

These were taken just before we left our home state of North Carolina. So beautiful. I love where we live!

Then we crossed the line into Tennessee. I hope I don’t miss any of these state signs as we make our way across the USA.

Here’s the first photo I took in Tennessee. The ones following were very blurry so I won’t bother to post them.

So that was our Day One. Westward Ho!

love & hugs,

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  1. Be safe, and have a wonderful "Tour USA" adventure.


  2. vaya una nueva aventura en familia , y Sebastian al pie del cañon , como siempre , estoy deseando ver el resto del trayecto



  3. Sae travels! Hope you get to do a little tourist stuff along the way. I traveled cross country with my parents many times as a child -- fond memories indeed! Good luck to your DD!

  4. Well we would jolly well think he wouldn't want to travel 2,300 miles backwards, we would be gloriously car sick if anyone tried to make us do that!

    Jack, Boo & The Clan


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