Friday, April 10, 2015

Chickens on the Beach

Hi ho everyone! Sebastian here reporting from lovely Key West, Florida. When someone told me we were going to drive across 15 keys, I wasn’t impressed until I realized they were not talking about the kind of key you use to open a lock. These keys are islands in the ocean and it is very picturesque here.

I thought I would share a few photos taken of me out and about here on Key West.
It’s another game of  “Can you guess where I am?”

If you look real close you can see me sitting atop the Mile 0 sign.
Yep, this is the end of the line!

Here’s another photo of me I’m going to add to my collection.

Isn’t this a funky tree?  So much character!  It’s a kapok tree and I’m so happy I’ll be able to include it in my collection of “Me in Trees” photos.

I’m not in this photo but I wanted you to see it.  If you look closely in the bottom left you can see a little chicken family on the beach.  The daddy rooster, the mama chicken and the little baby chicks!  Chickens are all over this island happily and freely strutting about wherever they please.

Speaking of chickens . . .

Here I am on a GIANT one!  I wanted to take it home but they tell me it would never fit in the checked bag.  I’m still trying to see if I can work it out somehow.  I could put it in the backyard and watch Topher bark at it!

We walked and walked and walked – well, I supposed using the word “we” is a bit of an exaggeration as I didn’t walk at all, but it did seem to take a while to find this sign for me to sit on.  Don’t you just love it?

Key West is a long way from a lot of places.

And then the staff insisted I include this photo which they are saying should be our new business hours.  “New?!  New?! “ I exclaimed with some incredulity.  I don’t reallly see how they are much different from the ones we already keep to be honest! 

More later.

love & hugs,



  1. Looks like an interesting, laid-back place to explore. I love the 'business hours' sign!

  2. I am very jealous! The weather looks so perfect on this drizzly day in the UK. I think you must be having a blast, wish we could be there too. Enjoy!!

    1. I wish you were here too! You would love it!

  3. Hi Sebastian,

    Great photo shoot. I sure do like that tree and it will make a great addition to your photo collection of trees.

    We never got to Key West when we lived in FL, we always went to St. George Island because it's so quiet and private. Did you collect any sea shells? See any sharks? That would be scary.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence and Toby says "hi"! Oh, wait, Daisy Mae too. Boy she doesn't miss a thing.

    1. Hi Prudence and all my bear friends there too!

      I like it here and I bet I would like St George too! Thank you for dropping by to say hi. I hope you're having a nice Spring in the mountains.



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