Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Steampunk Piece – The Outside, Part 1

These next few posts show the evolution of the Steampunk piece I created for the science fiction gallery at the Philadelphia Show. I will begin with photos of the transformation of the outside of the piece. I began with an unfinished box similar to this one. I removed all the hardware including the latches and the hinges so that I had two separate sides of the box.


I added a texture pattern of gears which I really love doing. It immediately alters the appearance of the box.

Then I began painting it; first with a dark brown

followed by a antique gold/brass color.

A few highlights of bright gold

And then several more colors – brick/clay, patina, moss and teal.

If you recall in this post, I showed how I created this chipboard panel.

The first step was to choose a typeface for the title and cut it from poster board. I love this font.

I had to decide how to arrange the elements that would adorn its surface. This involved a lot of hemming and hawing.

Once I decided how it was going to be, I had to glue most of the various parts in place. Some had to be added later because of crevices that would be easier to paint in a separate session.

I painted the entire thing with gesso but I probably could have skipped this step

because I ended up making the base coat black.

Next I began layering the paint similarly to what I had done before with slightly different colors to contrast with already painted box exterior. It might be hard to tell, but this is a metallic brick color.

And more paint to create the illusion of metal.

Here’s the front of the box finished.


A view from the side


and the back.


Part 2 will follow next.



  1. Wow great i like it, pls more
    - Dirk -

  2. I LOVE this please send to my house immediately! Xx

    1. I'm so glad you like it! My sister said you would! I had so much fun making it, I'd love to create a different version using more of my supplies that I couldn't fit in.


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