Wednesday, June 17, 2015

An Adventure of Titanic Proportions

One evening while in Florida, we had the opportunity to experience “one of the most famous dinner parties aboard the Titanic” at Orlando’s Titanic – The Artifact Exhibition. It was quite an event which all of us, including Sebastian, enjoyed immensely.

This is “Major Archibald Butt” posing on the Grand Staircase.

We each became a passenger aboard the ill-fated ship. I was Mrs. Benjamin Hart, married to Mr. Benjamin Hart (Jay).

Archibald, again, high above on the clock of the Grand Staircase.

On board the ship with us that evening was Major Archibald Willingham Butt (Sebastian). He was quite pleased with his military status and was forever talking about his service to both Presidents Roosevelt and Taft.

The major with his boarding pass.

The dinner party to celebrate the Captain’s pending retirement was hosted by Margaret Tobin Brown, who you might know better by the name of Molly Brown.

Captain Edward John Smith, quite a convincing portrayal. Sebastian not so much.

In addition to Captain Edward John Smith, we enjoyed the company of the Titantic designer, Thomas Andrews, Jr. Also present was J. Bruce Ismay, chairman of the White Star Line and Dorothy Gibson, a silent film star, who sang for us. Now we know the reason she was a silent film star. There was a lovely couple on board, the Strauses who were celebrating their anniversary. Dinner was served expertly by Jack Stewart and Violet Jessup among others.

Mr. Isidor Straus poses with the Major. 
These two had lots to talk about since Mr. Straus was born in Germany.

Dinner was a just one part of the adventure. Each member of the crew and the passengers we met could answer almost any question we had about the Titanic. We toured the museum and had photos made on the “bow”


and with the Captain on the Grand Staircase.


Unfortunately, at the end of the evening, the ship went down. Luckily, I survived but alas, Mr. Hart and Major Butt did not. Thanks to Christian, Jason and each and every crew member and passenger who were very convincing in their respective rolls. We were impressed with the performances and hope that if you are ever in Orlando, you will be able to experience it for yourself. It was enlightening, memorable and loads of fun. As I said, an adventure of Titanic proportions!


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  1. Hiyo Sebastian, Bet you thought you'd never hear from us again. It's the staff, we be'd reading your blogs, but not commenting much. But you better watch out 'cos the staff says he's get our blog going again now we're in Canada. We see'd bears, n whales n seals, n see lions, n trees and stuff. Now we're in Jasper and on Monday we're going on a great big train all the way to Tronto.

    You look like you've been having fun, though we'd be worried about going on the Titantic 'cos it sank. But I guess you survived 'cos you wrote the blog - unless of course it was ghost written, ha, ha.


    Jock and Zeke


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