Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Three Projects: The Beginnings

I have several projects underway in my studio and the beginnings of three of them are shown in the following photos. One of these is of my own choosing and the other two are special requests. Each is so different from other that I don’t think I will have any trouble keeping them organized but you never know when you have multiple stations and each has parts and pieces of different undertakings.

I have been holding onto this box for a while, just waiting for the right idea to come along.  It will take a lot of modification to make it work like I want it to, but it will be somewhat unique and different from others I have done.  I have already encountered some challenges but hopefully, they will be overcome in short order.

Now if I wanted to start something backwards this is the way to do it.  With an idea of where I want to go but no box.  These two pieces are going to be the doors which I am constructing from this image. I split it so the doors can be opened French style.  I could claim that I didn’t really think it through, but I did.  I really wanted these to open out like a cabinet so there you have it.  I make my own problems thank you very much.

This is a rather straightforward box.  By request, there are some interior items that will require some thinking and planning and finesse.  All in due time, I expect.  I’m sure my hands will be sticky and paint covered but that’s all part of the process and the fun!

While I may end up focusing on just one of these as I become involved, I believe that having two or three ongoing will allow me to move from one to the other while they are in different stages of painting, drying, setting, etc. If nothing else, I will learn whether or not doing things this way will make me crazier than usual!

As always, I will try to post photos of the works in progress here and on my piece parade Facebook page.  Stay tuned.

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  1. veo que ya estas de nuevo con varios proyectos a la vez , eso estimula las mentes inquietas y creativas , a ver que se te ha ocurrido ahora




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