Wednesday, April 13, 2016

More WIP Photos for my Signature Gallery Piece

Here are a few more progression photos of my gallery piece.

The photo below shows tentative construction of the three main shelves.  I temporarily assembled the structure so I could figure out where to place them.  Then I disassembled the piece so I could affix them permanently.  The black arrows point to holes that are crucial to the design I have in mind.

The other two sides will have octagonal shelves created from paper mache boxes.

This is the back of the piece showing where the batteries will be located.

I incorporated extra space below the main floor for lighting.

This is one layer of the floor – everything custom cut and created to size.

The floor has four layers: plexiglass, vellum, the chipboard/mat board honeycomb shape and another piece of plexiglass.  I had to fiddle around with different materials to figure out the best ones for the job.

Building the structure was most definitely the most challenging part of the piece.  The other parts were time consuming and thought provoking but they were familiar activities for me.

The next steps include tweaking the interior area and adding texture to the outside.
Stay tuned . . .

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  1. Wonderful i love it !! Great work you are so fantastic Artist.
    -- Dirk --

    1. Thanks so much, Dirk! I appreciate it. 💟

    2. Thanks so much, Dirk! I appreciate it. 💟


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