Saturday, June 24, 2017

2017 - TBAI Gallery Piece – Installment 3

Actually this post could easily be called The Middle Hodgepodge Photos which would be entirely accurate. These work-in-progress photos show several different aspects of pulling this piece together little by little. Let’s start with the most mundane and work our way up from there. It’s the simple screw eye. I have them in several sizes and metal finishes but sometimes I just need them in a color that I haven’t located or taken the time to search for. So I go to my stash of spray paint and get to work.

I needed all those screw eyes for these bottles and

miscellaneous trinkets.  In fact, I only guessed how many screw eyes I would need and ended up with exactly one left over.

This shows the start of the maddening process of attaching all the pieces to the ceiling.


It is one of the reasons I didn’t have all the walls permanently secured.

I also worked on these lights/lanterns which needed to be variously painted,  drilled, wired, glued and assembled.

A piece of plastic to create a dragon egg incubator.

I made three of them.  Actually, I made four but one was a trial run which was a bust.

Here I am checking to see if I will be able to get the crystals arranged
in the incubators in a way that will work.

A different view.

More paint for the roof shingles.

A view of the top and back before the roof is attached.


I needed some grubby candles for some candle holders so I made them from polymer clay.  I’m glad they didn’t have to be neat & clean.  I didn’t have the patience!

Stay tuned.


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