Friday, June 30, 2017

2017 TBAI Gallery Piece – The Story & Photos

The story is very brief. It is about a little bear, dressed as a green dragon on a scavenger hunt. He has a list of items he needs to collect. One item he has difficulty finding is a dragon egg. Where, oh where, does one go to get a dragon egg? He opts to visit the cottage of the most reputable dragon nurturer. He has heard that she is quite good at getting the dragon eggs to hatch and if he is lucky he might even see a baby dragon. Once at the cottage, he is invited in and is amazed by all the wonders, especially the baby dragons in their tiny houses and all the potions and concoctions. Will the witch help him procure the last item on his list?

Here are a few photos of “The Scavenger Hunt”.

A view of the piece with the bears in place but no lights on.


With the lights on.


Without the bears.


And with the lights on.


Here are the bears.  You can’t see the dragon spikes too well in this photo but he has some little ones and some cool dragon wings.  The witch has some concoctions dangling from her dress and wears a dragon charm necklace.


A close-up of a few of the bottles on the table.

Doesn’t every witch’s cottage have a book like this?

Part of the library stacked on the floor.

One of two dragon sconces on the walls.

Some of the bottles and potions hanging from the ceiling.

One of the shelves.  I tried to make sure each individual shelf had at least one book.  After all, you don’t earn a good reputation as a dragon nurturer without being well read.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how this piece came together and that the final result was worth the wait!  Thank you for your patience while I gathered and edited photos for these posts.  I am nearly finished getting ready for our trip to the Japan Teddy Bear Show.  I’m hoping to get some good photos!  Wish us luck.  Each of us knows about two words of Japanese but I hear the people are lovely.  Sebastian is so excited he’s about to bust a seam. 

Thanks so much for reading!


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