Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Process – 2018 TBAI Gallery Piece – Part 1

It all started with an idea. Someone asked me where it came from and I imagine it came from a lot of different places. Perhaps mostly it is from childhood memories of playhouses and backyard visits, friends and secrets and family chinwags, of snail mail and birthday cards and a thing called newspapers.

These photos will show more of the construction and later on, they will be more detail oriented. Here is how it looked in the beginning.


I like to work with foam core to keep the project light in weight so it is easy to transport and move. This is a very thin version of foam core.


Here I am making a trial run, checking for fit and alignment and mostly, does it embody the idea I have in my head!


Another view.  I do love working on our porch!


These projects are always a test of how well can I think backwards.  “Wallpaper” had to be applied before continuing.  It would be nearly impossible to get it on after all the walls and roofs were together.


One of my favorite supplies: blue painter’s tape.  In this photo, holding it together while the glue dries.


Windows I adapted from some scrapbooking frames. They go delightfully well with my project and provide some cool details.


This shows the before and after of the painting process.  The trim at the top in the above photo will go through the same stages of painting ending with one in a pink color and one in blue.


Then there were roof shingles.  Each roof different and yet similar in color and theme.  I think the pointed ones were easier than the scalloped ones.



I love seeing Victorian era homes in historic neighborhoods and wanted to imitate the look.


The markings on the scallops helped me to figure out which ones to paint what color.


Just a bit of a puzzle when all is said and done.


Finally the roofs  are finished.


Next up, the detail bits for the interior areas and the base.

More to come! Thanks for reading.


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