Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make Up Your Mind Already

Sometimes getting an idea isn’t necessarily the problem. Sometimes the problem is what to do once you’ve got an idea. One of my current projects is my next giveaway. Giveaway = Yea! Decisions, decisions = Eye roll . . .

Currently, I am in the process of making up my mind. Yes! That’s it! I am making up my mind. Perhaps the dilemma lies in too many choices. Perhaps among these bits, pieces, and doodahs there is actually more than one teddy. Perhaps there’s thousands . . . okay, so maybe not thousands, certainly not by me, but perhaps there’s hundreds. Well, I guess that’s still stretching it, but certainly more than one. Why I can think of at least two, or three, or . . .

See this is where it gets sticky – of all these lovely things that have come to reside in my studio for the moment, which ones will actually be a part of the giveaway and which will become a part of idea #’s 2, 3, and 4 or so?

For the time being, while I AM making up my mind, I submit these photos for your perusal.

One day, there will be something more.


  1. Oh your colors are just fantastic! I love them. I'm sure what ever you make will be just great!

  2. Just loved the photos...all those lovely colors. I know you'll have fun deciding what to make.


  3. lovely color,and very heterogenous material,lovely.

  4. Hi Ginger...Love the colors...very pretty. You have piqued my curiosity...looking forward to seeing your next wonderful piece!

    Hugs, Nancy


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