Saturday, June 6, 2009

“Where’s for dinner?”

I think this comes close to being my husband’s favorite question. And on a Friday night, I look forward to hearing him ask it. I like going to places that in addition to having good food, they have an interesting story to tell.

I’d heard about this one little place that I thought might be worth a visit. He likes adventure and I think he trusts my judgment (most of the time). So I made a suggestion.

If you had seen this advertisement, would you be intrigued?

If you had seen that advertisement,
it would have been May 1, 1930.

That’s the year this restaurant opened. I can’t say that much has changed because of course, I wasn’t there then, but it certainly has a lot of character. . .

from the neon sign beckoning above the sidewalk. . .

to the awning that hangs over the entrance.

Upon entering this is what you see. Lovely old booths, each with a mirror, on the left

and bar stools at a lunch counter on the right.

Behind the counter, the wood cabinetry is adorned with photos of notable visitors, a classic coke dispenser, and a cash register that needs no electricity to work.

This photo that I took of electric candle sconces is one of my favorites.

Another favorite photo, taken in our booth with the gingham vinyl tablecloth, shows the fresh rose, the salt & pepper and sugar shakers.

To quote Crash Gregg, publisher of The Downtowner, it’s a place that definitely hasn’t lost its “good old-fashioned Southern charm”.

Oh, and the food was delicious, inexpensive and next time I’m going to save room for dessert!


  1. What time is dinner? I LOVE these kinds of restaurants ... we'll have to look it up one day in travels. I love the TV show Diners & Dives because of the good down home cooking restauants they share with us. TY for sharing. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Where's the pics of the food!!! I want to see how good it looked, if it was as yummy as I thought it would be!!! Hee hee, and next time have dessert and take pics of that too!!! What a charming restaurant, and even better if the price was good!!!
    That sounds like a neat way to have your Friday nights, good thinking!!!
    I might try that one!!!
    Margaret B

  3. Cool!! I'll have to try it out! I agree with Margaret where's the food???
    Hugs, Lisa


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