Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting a Glimpse of the World All in One Place

While I would love to travel the world, it’s not in my immediate future. Maybe not my distant future either. Even if it was, I’m not certain I could see all the places that I got a glimpse of at The International Festival over the weekend.

I took a break from my sewing and my husband took a break from his tasks and we ventured to get a taste both literally and figuratively of other cultures right here at home. (If it has food, it’s a good bet my husband is likely to know about it.)

My favorite thing was watching the dancers from various countries.

Hungarian Dancers

Much of the clothing was colorful and in many cases, ornate with either spangles, dangles, ruffles or flowers.

Turkish Youth Dancers

It was a good education because I had no idea there were so many people who had relocated here from all over the world.

Venezuelan Youth Dancers

You could shop the bazaars and find items from places many places across the globe.

The Russian Bazaar

I think this was an Indian Bazaar.

You could get a henna tattoo if you wanted one.

You had to have some patience.

There was more to see and do that we could possibly manage but we did get a glimpse of the world.

From Russia


  1. I love festivals like this. So much eye candy!

  2. It looks like a wonderful time! I unfortunately missed our Czech festival here this weekend. I forgot all about it! Oh well...

  3. Mum and I love your blog very much.

    I especially love your picture at the top.
    I sit at the front of the car like that!


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