Monday, October 12, 2009

Time for a Little Visit with Dr. T. Bear

Me: Hiya, Dr. B!
Dr. B: Good morning to you. What brings you in to see me this fine autumn morn?
Me: Are you okay Dr. B.? You sure are talking funny.
Dr. B: I’m not sure I should confide in you, a patient of mine.

Me: Why don’t you just lie down on your couch here and tell me about it?
Dr. B: Oh, alright. I do need someone to listen to my plight.
Me: Go right ahead, Dr. B. After all the times you have helped me, certainly I can return the favor.
Dr. B: First of all, before I begin, you aren’t going to charge me, are you?
Me: No, this one is on the house. Please proceed.

Dr. B: It just seems like there have been a lot of people that come into my office lately with problems. Problems, problems, problems. No one ever comes in just to chat and say hello, how are you, good to see you, Dr. B.
Me: I see. Go on.
Dr. B: I get so tired of it day after day after day after day -
Me: I get it. You get tired of listening to peoples’ problems.
Dr. B: It’s not that I don’t love my job. I love to help people get back on track, but lately it seems like it’s been weighing me down.

Me: I’ve got just the right thing, Dr. B.
Dr. B: Really? Do tell. I need a solution.
Me: You should come with me to a Halloween party this weekend.
Dr. B: A Halloween party? Me? Hm-m-m-m.
Me: Yes. You and me and maybe even Francis at the front desk.
Dr. B: That does sound like something that would get me out of my doldrums.
Me: Yes, definitely. It’s just the thing for you.

Dr. B: My, my. You are quite remarkable. You’ve solved my dilemma! Now, what did you come in to see me about today?
Me: Well, I uh . . .
Dr. B: Don’t be shy. I’m here to help. What is it?
Me: Well, I uh . . . actually came in here to uh . . . invite you to a Halloween party.
Dr. B: No. Really? Well, what do you know? How nice is that!

Join me and a whole host of others on October 17, 2009 for a Halloween celebration hosted by A Fanciful Twist. It should be loads of ghoulish fun!


You can also click on the button in my sidebar at any time to visit A Fanciful Twist.
Be sure to come to the party!  It will be fun!


  1. So fun, creative & enjoyable your posts. TYSM

    Have a warm crisp autumn day ... TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Hiya Cute post today. Thanks for stopping over to say hello. Have a wonderful week.


  3. so cute doctor :D
    have a nice week!.


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