Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It’s a bit early for Christmas cards, eh?

I had been in this business for just a few short years when I came to realize that in addition to the new people I was meeting at shows, I was also seeing some collectors quite frequently. I became friends with quite a few of them. When the Christmas season rolled around, I decided I wanted to send them a card. It seemed like a fun thing to do, but I wanted to make one using a photo of some of the bears I had made. I don’t remember how many I sent that year but it wasn’t a lot. Then a year or two must have passed before I decided I really needed to send out cards again. It was my way of acknowledging how much I appreciated their support and friendship.

I received such a positive response that it became a tradition of sorts. Some years I have had the whole family pitching in to help me get them mailed. Other years, I have done most of it myself, though without my husband’s computer help, it would have taken me ages and ages – all those addresses, you know. Nowadays, it’s much better for my sanity if I start thinking cards early. (I said ‘better’ not a cure. If only . . .)

In a way, the cards are snapshots of progress and trends in my work over time, each with a Christmas theme. Sometimes the inside and the outside went together, but most of the time, the photo of the bears was just that, a photo and the inside text was something altogether different. I won’t post all of the Christmas card photos. I mean it would be like looking at pictures of my vacation. I have already done that you say? Oh. Well, still, I won’t post all of them, just a few of my favorites between now and December 25th.

Here's the photo on the very first Christmas card I sent out.
My work has changed just a bit since then.


  1. I just love it, I think its beautiful.

  2. Oh I can't wait to see the evolution!!!!

    Although if you feel like posting them all, I promise we won't be the squirming neighbors waiting to escape the slideshow...

    we'll be the avid attention-payers waiting anxiously for the next installment!!!

  3. How sweet! I can't wait to see them! What a great idea for sharing!

  4. Post lots please, Ginger! I love to see the bears.

  5. Wow what a wonderful idea...I to would love to see more pics. Your bears are soooooo darn cute.

    hugs Pam

  6. I'll look at as many as you put up, I never get tired of bear stuff! Have a great day ginger!

  7. oh! is a beautiful postcard image!!.

  8. Oh, how wonderful, Ginger! You know...there really IS time for you to post them all...and I'm sure the bears would really like to see them, too. Perhaps the bears could convince you to change your mind! ;-)
    Bingle Bears


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