Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Tea for all the Toys

Welcome to my very first blog party!  Come on in and have some fun.  When you are finished enjoying tea here with us, please visit all the other blog tea partiers and enjoy their hospitality.  Their links are listed on my sidebar under “Christmas Tea Partiers”.
Have fun!

Henry’s Invitation

This is a story about Henry.


Henry is a bear that has been well-loved. In fact, he has been so well-loved through the years that he has never missed a tea party. He wears the evidence of nearly every one, too; from the cookie crumbs that tumbled down his chest to the tea that tipped over one year.


Thankfully, it was not hot or poor Henry would have been in quite a fix. But he is a bear and bears tend to weather these things fairly well. Just look at Henry.


With all the things that he have happened to him over time, he still has that youthful ‘Oh boy! I cannot wait until the next tea party!’ look about him.

When he heard about the Christmas Tea for All the Toys he had hoped he would receive an invitation. You see, not every tea is for every bear. Just because he had been to every other tea did not mean that he would be invited to this one. He was a little worried because not only did he not have frilly clothes, he had no fancy hat either.


Everyone knows that you cannot go to a tea party without a hat or so he had been told. No, those things had been a part of his past, discarded when they became too cumbersome for a bear. Still, the word among the bears and dolls was that it was a Christmas Tea for All the Toys and he felt certain that all meant everyone - every single toy – even him.

He could just imagine sharing tea with other toys - some big, some little. The table would be festively set with red and white. They would sit together at a table just the right size, drink tea from snowmen teacups, and eat Christmas cookies.


He would be among friends - doll friends and bear friends with red hats that matched. Yes, he could just imagine it. That is if he had a red hat.


Or perhaps they would sit picnic style on a cloth covered in snowflakes. They would be served snowflake cookies on blue glass plates while they drank warm tea in tiny sized cups.


They would sing “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” and look warm and cozy in their snowflake hats. That is if he had one.


He dreamed of the tea and cookies that they would have.


They looked so delicious he began to get hungry just thinking about it, but only one thing spoiled his dream. He had no invitation. An invitation would mean that he was wanted, that he had friends who enjoyed his company and that it did not matter if he had a red hat or a blue hat or any hat at all.


If only he had an invitation . . . if only he had an invitation . . . if only he had an invitation . . .

Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.

Henry was confused. “Where is that sound coming from?” he wondered.

Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.

He looked around and everything began to get fuzzy.

Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.

Then he opened his eyes and realized he had been dreaming - dreaming a dream of tea parties and teddy bears.


He was in his own bed with his own quilt.


Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.

He looked toward the end of his bed and saw a small red bird sitting there.


“Hello little bird. Have you come for a visit?”

Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.


“Oh, you have something for me? Is that mail in your beak? Oh, my little friend, you are a welcome sight indeed. Come and let me see what you have there.”


The little red bird hopped a little closer and Henry wondered if it might be an invitation to tea.


“Oh my!” he exclaimed as he examined it. “I am going to a tea party after all!”

Henry was so excited that he did not bother to put on fancy clothes or even a shiny ribbon. He was going to visit his friends and they would love him just the way he was, as he had always been.


The tea party was even better than he had imagined for this time the tea and cookies were real. This time he knew he was not dreaming. Why he even has cookie crumbs in his creases to prove it. Henry asked me to share these photos of his perfect day at the Christmas Tea for All the Toys. Enjoy!


This is a picture of the table before the goodies were gone!


There wasn’t much room at the table, but everyone squeezed together.


Here are some of Henry’s friends . . .

cmasteatoys_21 at the red table wearing their red hats.


Henry had such fun with his friends.  If you wanted a hat to wear there was one available.


There was an international contingent at the party.


Oh look!  There’s Henry sitting on Minni’s lap.


He did not want to miss all the fun at the blue table so he ventured over to see what was going on there.


There’s Brownie still going strong after all these years.


They wore snowflake hats just like those in Henry’s dream.


It’s nice that they had a choice between hot tea and iced tea.  It must have been a ‘southern’ Christmas tea.


It looks like it really was a tea for ALL the toys – big ones and little ones too.


There Henry is again!  He secured a very good spot at the blue tea party too.  Raggedy Ann looks like she’s really enjoying herself.


Henry loves this photo of himself in his blue snowflake party hat.  It seems he had quite a good time with all his friends.  I’m sure he will sleep well tonight.  He might even dream about dancing sugarplums. Maybe you will too!

The End.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Tea
from all the bears and Henry and Me.


  1. Awww I am so glad Henry got to go to the party with his friends who love him and that he found plenty of hats to wear!

    My post is up too!

    See you there! Merry Christmas! Hugs, Kelly

  2. Hi Ginger! That was the best story book tea party I have ever read!!! That story would make a wonderful childs book.... I just love Henry and he will always be invited to any occasion I have. I 'm going to go and see some of the other partiers it's a little after 1 am here so I may have to look at more tomorrow or is that later today?.....thank you for inviting us to such a fun tea!! Hugs, Jennifer & her toys

  3. Hi Ginger

    What a wonderful blog post for Henry's tea party so glad he made it with all his friends I am having a lovely time visiting everyones tea parties thanks for being a wonderful host.
    Merry Xmas and Beary Hugs

  4. Hi Ginger,

    so lovely this is!!! Jennifer´s right:
    This definetely should! be a childrens book!

    Great story, lovely photos and Raggedy Ann definetely had fun!

    My favourite is the little bird though...hope Henry left some crumbs for him to pick...

    I will go and have a look at the other guests` postes. Thanks for a great time!

  5. i am agree with one of the comment, with all but specifically this one:"That story would make a wonderful childs book", is true!! I show this post to my Daugther,and she ask me, when the book is in the store,,,you have talent to tell histories, and show the perfect image to every history. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity.

  6. Hi Ginger and Henry, What a lovely story! Definately a childrens' book or magazine article.

  7. what a gorgeous tea party story! i agree with the above comments - it would make a beautiful childrens' book

  8. Hi Ginger!!
    what a gorgeous tea party story!
    It is a pleasure to participate.
    Fantastic photos.

  9. Hi,Ginger!
    Oh! Your show is so outstanding!
    Ah! Henry is so charming!
    The bird is delightful!
    My bears thank you very much for the tea party!
    Hugs from Russia!

  10. Oh I was so worried Henry wasn't going to get invited. This really should be published it is wonderful.

  11. How delightful!!! I have to agree with everyone else--this is children's book material! Thank you so much for hosting this party, Ginger. I enjoyed putting my party post together (it brought back lovely memories) and I just love visiting everyone else's party.
    Heaps of Hugs,

  12. Hello to all of you! Thank you so much for your kind and enthusiastic comments about this post and the tea party. I am glad you are enjoying yourselves. It is time for me to put on my party hat and go see what kind of excitement I can find at the other tea party places. See you soon and thank you again for stopping by!!!

  13. Oh, Henry is the STAR of the day! I hope he can stop by for tea at our house today, too. Your dolls are lovely. I see Ginni....she lives here, too and some others look very familiar!

    Hurry over to my party. My dolls want party hats now and more goodies to eat! Bring an extra hat, Henry!

  14. What a grand tea party! Henry is quite the little charmer!

  15. Dear Ginger! Thank you very much for this heart-stirring story with the happy end!

  16. Oh my lord! this is such a fantastic story!!!!
    We love all your pictures! you should see Rosie and Aliénore ( yes!!!! Aliénore is with us!!!) clapping in their hands! We are so pleased to see that Henry's dream came true! We love it!!!!!!

  17. Gosh! I have been on all the other blogs! it is amazing what people have done ( I didn't like very much the ones with things to sell though...).
    It was fun visiting everybody and truly enjoyed this adventure! Thank you again for hosting this lovely party Ginger.

  18. Hello again,

    I too have been out visiting and am quite moved by all the preparations and party participants. Can you imagine what it would be like to have a huge room with all the parties in the same place?! What fun that would be!

    Thank you for stopping by to read Henry's story. He's quite honored to have you visit.


  19. Hi Ginger,
    Oh I've had such a lovely time visiting all the tea party's, everyone seems to have had a wonderful time! I'm a little bit in love with Henry, he's a beautiful bear I wish he could come and visit me!
    Thanks so much for hosting such a lovely event.

  20. Hi Ginger, thanks for hosting this wonderful tea party. I have enjoyed visiting the participants. Your story and pictures of Henry was wonderful! Should be made into a children's book!

    blessings, Vickie

  21. Hi Ginger:
    You have a very magical place. I can see why Henry is so Happy!!! It makes me want to come and have a sleep over with him : )
    I could sit next to the little bird mail deliverer. I like him and Henry a very lot!!!
    Thank you for sharing with us and the tea party was very delightful.
    peace & joy

  22. That's so wonderful Ginger!!!!
    Thank you for this lovely visit and hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas and New Year!

  23. Oh, Ginger! What an absolutely lovely tea party! Henry is darling and I love his little red birdie friend! Everything was wonderful . . . just wonderful! I only had one problem . . . I couldn't decide between a red hat or a blue one! LOL!

    Thank you so much for putting together this party . . . I had so much fun playing and decorating for the party here at the Manor. Mrs. Beasley is absolutely beside herself with glee!

    Have a wonderful evening and thanks for sharing Henry with us.


  24. wonderful!!! I love his little bed and the cute little bird!!! I enjoyed the whole story, very nice!!!
    Margaret B

  25. I enjoyed the pictorial story!! Great job.
    Cyndee, Bubble Up Bears!

  26. Beautiful Ginger! Absolutely beautiful!

  27. Thankk you all for stopping by. I am so thrilled that you enjoyed Henry's story. It was loads of fun once I got my act together. Now THAT took time. :D If I could just remember how I did get my act together, it would be very useful for the next time!

  28. Fabulous pictures and story, Ginger! Well done.

  29. Loved all the pictures and the story is wonderful. Love Henry! Brilliant Ginger! Thank you for sharing.

  30. I am so sorry Ginger I was a day late for the festivities but I have had a lovely time visiting all the participants blogs and I so enjoyed your story. Thank you for being a fab host, MERRY CHRISTMAS

  31. Dear Ginger,

    I am still wandering around and found this wonderful Christmas Tea Party. Wonderful, precious, lovely.........I love it. Being a Christmas person I found myself being part of the party, even if it's June. The bears don't mind me coming in late. (o:



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