Thursday, October 7, 2010

Color-filled Dreams


Wandering the blogosphere, I came across several mentions of this website. It’s one of those lovely places that make me think in another life I could be a cupcake decorating queen; that with just a few bits and bobs and masses of time, I could create the most delightful, most mouth-watering, most beautiful cupcakes in the whole wide world.

Imagine my surprise when my daughter reminded me that their one and only shop had just opened in downtown Asheville where we happened to be last weekend. Did I want to check it out?

Well, of course, I did. I mean how often do you virtually visit a place and someone asks, “Want to go for real?”

The outside is sweet. I would have loved to watch this new little shop come to life – especially seeing the pink checkerboard entry painted.


And inside . . .


is everything a cupcake queen, or cupcake queen wannabe, could possibly want -


cupcake cups in prints, dots, flowers . . .


sprinkles in all kinds of colors and shapes - glittery, rainbow, flakes, round . . .


candles – tall and short, skinny and striped . . .


decorations for the party . . .


hats for the party guests . . .


and some ideas of what is possible – in my dreams – the ones where I am not making teddy bears and the pot on the counter is not filled with dye.

Of course, if this ever happened, you know what I’d be dreaming about as I iced those lovely cupcakes, don’t you? Yes, I’d be thinking if I wasn’t a baker, I could be a teddy bear maker. Teddy bears - teddy bears – in all kinds of shapes and sizes and colors - in my dreams . . .


  1. oh,that store is heaven!, i want one of those store near to me, pleeease!..(dream dream,)

  2. Cute Store!! I love the row upon row of sprinkles!

  3. How wonderful! Now I'll want to go! Enjoy your day! ♥

  4. Que maravilla de tienda, para volverse loca!!!!
    Que pena que todo me pille siempre tan lejos jejeje
    besitos ascension

  5. I'm sure you can still be a cupcake queen when you grow up :o)

  6. Wow, that store looks amazing! It makes me want to bake. ;)


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