Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I began the day with a bit of dithering. What to do? (Oh, yeah, I have a list but I sometimes like to deviate a bit from my assignments.) Dithering. Y’all don’t do that do ya?

Anyway, it is Spring here. It seems like that should be followed by an ‘at last’! I have most of the windows open to let in that fabulous fresh air and sunshine. In the distance, I hear the tinkle-y music of an ice cream truck. I can hardly believe it!

And I dyed today. Please note the spelling.

I started with the relatively sane idea of aiming for a pale pink for a small project that just popped into my head with the weather. Although the two are totally unrelated, I think.

Then I got this notion (note to self: be wary of notions) – to dip a few other pieces of mohair into the dye pot while I’ve got all the fixin’s out.

I started with this gray and wanted to change only the hair of the mo, not the backing. Maybe I’d get something I could use to make some older looking bears. There’s that notion.


Then I thought “Well, heck, let’s dye something else and see what happens.” Like this blue.


Then I began to poke around for something else to dip in the pot. Another gray with some black hairs.


This is how they turned out in the end.


You can still see the backings if you look at the folds. The blue backing isn’t as intense but it’s still a powdery blue. And what was once gray mohair is now a sort of rusty brown with a different colored back.


I’m not sure how these will make up into bears or what pattern I should use. Should I aim for the old loved bear look?  Or just a regular bear?  Oh, gee-whiz . . . maybe I’m not through dithering after all.


  1. Miss Ginger,

    You are sooo beary talented. She said, "she is one brave lady". No, we said, "TALENTED".

    Love you,

    Hi, Sebastian, did you get to play in the yard in the sunshine?

  2. You got my interest and I would like to see the bears after they are finished to see how your dyed job turns out. Have a great day. A Missouri Friend.

  3. I can't wait to see what they become! Make sure you share!!!

  4. Hi Ginger,
    what a terrific blog, I'm really enjoying it..and I love your top picture with the 3 bears.

    very best wishes,
    Denise (densteds)

  5. Oh those came out fab. I really need to get fur and dye out soon, but I need my gran's kitchen and clothes line, so will have to wait til easter I think


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