Thursday, March 31, 2011

It’s really not that unheard of.

Sebastian here to tell you about a little itty bitty problem of mine. Please don’t laugh. It’s really not that unheard of. You see I love to read – small books with small print. Only lately things have been sort of fuzzy. Not the fuzzy of a bear kind of fuzzy or even peach fuzzy. Fuzzy as in, well, fuzzy.

You-know-who said I should probably get my eyes checked just to be on the safe side. You know what my first question was, don’t you? “The safe side of what?” I ask you, do I not live a sane and sensible life as it is? Yet, I digress.

Off we went to the eye doctor’s office. Here I am sitting and waiting and sitting and waiting.


After a while, I picked up a magazine with BIG pictures of delicious things to eat. My tummy started to rumble and I started to fidget. I tried to capitalize on it by wheedling a promise of a good ol’ hamburger out of the deal if I would only just be patient.


Then we went into the doctor’s office where it was very dark. He asked me to read the letters off of this chart if I could.


Oopsie. They were fuzzy too. The doctor said I needed some reading glasses – for uh, reading. No joke – that’s exactly what he said. Into the vision center we went to see what I liked. Uh-oh. Big problem. I looked at glasses here . . .


and there . . .


it just didn’t look like there were any that would fit me. Oh dear. How would I ever read The Three Bears again?!?! Then you-know-who spotted these purty things – in just my size.


I picked out my favorite pair and tried them on. They were a perfect fit.


Soon I noticed that I wasn’t the only fuzzy thing there seeing fuzzy things.


My glasses were ready ever so fast and off we went to the burger place.


I even read the menu – out loud – to everyone in the place.


Then, quick as a wink, dinner arrived. I could see that burger even without my glasses!


Now I wonder what a fellow has to do to get some dessert around here?


  1. Oh my goodness ~
    Your little bear with glasses
    is as cute as can be!!!


  2. Oh Sebastian! How could you fit dessert in after that massive burger!!

  3. what a cute little (busy) bear! love him very much! warm wishes and a creative weekend! di

  4. You look very intellectual Sebastian. As someone used to say to me 'glasses make you look intelligent' - a backhanded compliment if ever I heard one! x

  5. Oh Sebastian, we do like your new look, it's so sofistercated, you'll be much cleverer than us now


    The Clan

  6. Hi Sebastian,

    You look sooo beary handsome with your new reading glasses. Glad you had a fun lunch too.

    Give hugs to Miss Ginger from all of us, okay?

    Heaps of Hugs, Happy Weekend

  7. Man... no one ever buys me a burger after my eye exam... they just put those drops in my eyes and I wobble around while the world looks like it's all underwater and they tell me "Why don't you go pick out your new frames"...
    Huh? What?! You mean the frames I'll be stuck wearing for an entire year?! You want me to pick them out now??? When I can't see my own fingers in front of my face?!

    I think the technicians all go in the back room and have a good laugh.

  8. Wilcox J. Beansford says: "Join the club, I've been wearing glasses for many a year now."

  9. Beautifull glasses it looks great!Like Lynda said :intellectual!


  10. That was a fun post---thanks!

  11. Hi Ginger, i will settle down with a cuppa now and read your blog! *THANKS* so much for commenting on my last post...mwah
    Kirsty xxxx


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