Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Little (Food) Education

I have to say that we had an enjoyable time at the show. It is a small one but the collectors are really great – fun to talk with and very interested in the artists work. I have quite a few photos but I have to sift through them to get to the ones that are in focus to give you a good overview of the show; perhaps tomorrow if I have recovered sufficiently.

Until then, I thought I would take you with us on a little adventure where we gained a bit of an education – food wise. (It’s all about the food right?)

Before we left, my husband had just happened to catch an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives – which I always mix up and call it, Divers, Dive-ins and Drives. Anywho, he watched this episode about a place in Baltimore and declared it a “must visit”. Website here.


Luckily we had a couple of terrific friends (natives of the area) with adventurous spirits who agreed to go along take us. And Sebastian. We mustn’t forget Sebastian lest he never let us forget it!


We had to try all the “known for” dishes – one was the fries with gravy. This we were told, “It’s a Ball Mer thing, Hon.” Translation: It is a Baltimore thing, Honey. Quite deadly, but oh so very good. A Southern girl likes some gravy.


Then we had to try to Coney Island burger, a specialty of this place and the Coney Island dog – exactly the way the natives have it – with chilli and onions. Yeah, I know. We go to some high class places!


Soon the owner dropped by our booth and said hello. Sebastian was overcome by his celebrity, but not so much that he couldn’t have his photo made with him. What a really nice guy! He even brought us one of his Maryland crab cakes to try – on the house.


I would say that Sebastian was really puffed up by all this attention, but really it was the gravy, the fries, the dog, the burger and the crab that puffed him up!


  1. So cute! French fries and gravy are the bomb! :)

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    Puffed up - the tummy & head, now that was a great trip.

    Heaps of Hugs,

  3. I think my husband could drive all over the country trying out the places featured on that and many of the other shows on the Food Channel. The fries look so yummy. Will be looking forward to show pics.

  4. What a fun experience !!! I do miss the shows and traveling and meeting all of the people. How was the show?

  5. Ooh that looks fun and a culinary adventure too! Jack hopes Sebastian belched decorously afterwards...


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