Friday, April 8, 2011

Nearly Dusk on the Porch

and who do you think I found sitting out there?


“Sebastian, what are you doing out here with your suitcase?”

“I know how things get busy around here before a show and I’ve been left behind once or twice too often. I do not intend to miss out this time.”

“Well, you can’t sit out here all night. You might get cold.”

“If I come in, will you promise not to leave me behind?”

“I promise. Maybe we’ll even let you drive.”


“Yep, just as soon as you get your license.”


  1. Good luck with the show, wish I could be there too!

  2. Good boy, Sebastian, now you go and have a wonderful time.

    Give Miss Ginger a big hug for me.

    Safe travel.


  3. Oh, how sweet! I love Sebastian.....

  4. It is so nice to have a traveling companion.

  5. I'm right there with you, Sebastian... they always leave me behind too... and then they go get cupcakes, and amazing coffees... and where am I?! Sitting at home... salivating over the delicious pictures they cruelly post to taunt me.

    I'm going to get my suitcase and sit on your porch with you... just... uh... vouch for me when Ginger calls the police because some weirdo girl has taken up residence outside her front door.

  6. Ooh, we're all sitting waiting to see your next adventure Sebastian :o) Jack's off on another adventure tomorrow too...

  7. I don't blame him one daughter used to leave sticky notes in the car to remind me of errands I needed to run for her. Now I leave them to myself.
    Mama Bear


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