Sunday, May 29, 2011

For This Monday

On Saturday my husband and I were at a shopping area filled with tourists. We were sitting on a bench people watching. We like to people watch. It’s endlessly fascinating. Sometimes we try to guess their stories. Sometimes we even make up imaginary conversations that aren’t remotely close to what they must be chatting about. But that evening we were just sitting and watching.

Soon I noticed a gentleman standing at the corner of a nearby store. It was an intersection of pedestrian traffic. Since most people were moving from one location to another, he stood out by just milling about in one place.

Shortly, some sailors in their dress whites came walking by and he said something to them. We weren’t in earshot so I could not hear what he said. Then some more sailors in their dress whites came by and the scenario replayed itself. Finally, a single sailor in dress whites walked by and he said something to him as well. The sailor nodded an acknowledgement and went on his way. After that, the man departed and we realized what he was doing.

He was thanking them for their service.

And today is the day we remember those who not only served this country, but also paid the ultimate price so people like me can sit here at the beach, unfiltered, unscreened, and free to writing this blog however I wish. There are others who have served and those who continue to serve in similar capacities all over the world. I hope you take a moment today to remember all of our service men and women.


Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

From my husband, Sebastian and me.

P.S. Do come back tomorrow. I think I’ve got a couple more photos on my camera before my reality sets back in.

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  1. Hi Ginger,

    That is a reminder that two little words, "Thank You", are so powerful to our soldiers. And I am going to remember to do that each time a see someone in uniform. Thank you.

    Happy Memorial Day to you, hubby & Sebastian.



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