Monday, May 2, 2011

The Lengths We Go To

Over the weekend, Sebastian convinced me that I desperately needed to increase my vocabulary. Why he thought it was necessary I’ll never know but he began with a simple test.

S: What is a pivot?
Me: Excuse me? A pivot? Why it’s the thing that something turns on.
S: Uhm, no. That is incorrect. Now what is a blocker?
Me: Oh, that’s so easy. A blocker is one who blocks.
S: Okay, so you know that one. How about this one? What is a jammer?
Me: Isn’t that someone who makes jam?
S: See, you definitely need to increase your vocabulary and I know just the way to do it.

Had I only known . . .

Sebastian really just wanted to go and see his first Roller Derby.


Of course, I had never been either or else I could have answered his questions easily.


Now my vocabulary has increased by at least three words.


And Sebastian?

tlwgt_4Here he is proudly displaying his Blue Ridge Rollergirls badge.

Now he’s busy thinking up a new roller derby name for himself. I’ve heard Clawsfor Concern, Maul Feesance, and Dees Tressed among others.

tlwgt_5I took this photo of him being ‘put out’ because our jammer was in the penalty box. Poor Sebastian.

None of those names seem to be just the right fit. Not that I think he’d make the team but if you have suggestions please pass them along. I’m sure he’d appreciate the help.


  1. Way to go, Sebastian.


  2. Sebashyourheadin ... or is that just too violent? Or do they have to be two names? I'm not sure on Roller Derby naming rules...

  3. @ Prudence - Thanks Prudence! Sebastian appreciates your encouragement!

    @ Heather - Sebastian is rolling on the floor laughing and loving your suggestion. We are not sure of the protocol for names if there is such a thing but I think anything goes. So we could change it a wee bit and it could be Sebashyour Headin. Ha ha ha!

  4. Ooh! Yes, that's a good split for it! Now he just needs skates, a helmet and a logo!

  5. @ Heather - Yes, I have thought about the skates. And the helmet, wouldn't that be grand? He's already amassing a collection of headwear: Mickey Ears, Bunny Mask, etc. As for the logo, I think you would be good at that with all your graphic skills. I could do it but you'd probably be better at it. I'll pay you twice what he pays me which is almost next to nothing. Oh, wait a minute. It is nothing.

  6. Oh, "SebashyourHeadin is perfect. Yippee.

    - and Jack and I could be cheerbladers. (o:


  7. @ Prudence - Always knew you were smart Prudence. Cheerbladers is a much safer occupation. You could also be the one who skates around the ring holding up the sign numbers for what 'jam' it is. I can see you in a cute fashion statement. We can show the public that bears have lots of talents!

  8. We think Terrifurred would be perfect. Oh, and we're jealous, after watching Whip It last night, we wanna go tooooooo


    The Clan & Jack

  9. @ Katy, The Clan & Jack - I think you would enjoy it but of course, the movie was very good and easier to follow that the bout we went to over the weekend. Fun though. Come on over - we'll go see one! Bring Jack!

  10. Okay, I'm the "ring sign holder". Yippee

    Jam? Grape Jelly, of course. Hahahahha.


    Hey world - BEARS RULE!


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