Monday, May 16, 2011

New Title for Sebastian

Master of the Cheesy Photo


Although he did have some competition. You wouldn’t know it but waiting in line behind us to take a snapshot was a busload of Italian tourists. They all wanted to have their photos made with Rocky and almost all of them stood next to him, hands shaped into fists raised over their heads. I guess some people roll their eyes at such silliness, but me, I thought it was very entertaining. They were having a great time. And Sebastian – he was right there with them.



  1. Great photo op! I am glad I stopped by. I hope your week is wonderful! Anne

  2. Oh sweet Sebastain looks so tiny there. Love the photo Ginger!

  3. Hi Sebastian,

    WOW, now that is quite a photo. You are one brave guy, sitting so close to that giant foot! Go Sebastian!!!!

    Where is the "cheesy" part? No, Miss Ginger didn't mean YOU, did she? Cheesy reminds me of Cheese Doodles(T) (my favorite junkbear food). (o: Now I'm hungry.


  4. Wot, no fists in the air for you? We always knew you was a bear of gentle means (*much sage nodding of heads*)

    The Clan and Jack

  5. @ Annesphamily - Thank you Anne. I'm glad you stopped by too. Nice to 'see' you again!

    @ Sharon - Yep, I didn't realize how huge this statue was until Sebastian sat next to his boot!

    @ Prudence - You are one funny bear Prudence!

    @ The Clan and Jack - I sorta kinda thought about it but then I got lazy and just decided to sit!


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