Friday, May 6, 2011

Paws for Philly


Less than a week to go.  Loads of artists.  Loads of bears.  Loads of dolls.  Classes, demos, tributes, food, fun, friends.

Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Show and Convention

I think Sebastian is once again packing his suitcase.  What do you think?  Should I let him report from the road occasionally?


  1. awww...that's great!!! i wish we have bear show and convention here in the Philippines...:(

  2. Please let him come. He is like a celebrity now. I would love to meet him.

  3. Good luck at the show, Ginger!!!!!
    Have a good weekend!

  4. What a lot of fab wee footsies!

    Oh, and the Clan and Jack insist you take Sebastian, they think he's more famous than you, so should be there to do the celebrity angle ;o)

  5. @ ely - First time for this show, so we're hoping and expecting it to be terrific!

    @ Joanne - Sebastian told me to tell you that you are one of the people he is most keen to meet. For sure, he'll be coming along!

    @Im-bear - Thank you! You have a good weekend too!

    @ Mima's Bears - Sebastian says I should most definitely take your advice! Who am I to argue?

    @ Katy - As you can guess, Sebastian will be coming along. I just hope that I won't embarrass him too much.

  6. Hi Miss Ginger,

    All those "smelly" little feet - whew....

    Sebastian, make sure you travel to Philadelphia too, AND we want YOU to do all the posting. Have a beary fun time.

    You do know that you have a huge following (fan club), don't you? Yes you do....yippee.


    Hugs, and have a fun trip.

  7. @ Prudence from Sebastian - I'll see what I can do - it is a 'share and share like' kind of thing here and sometimes I like a little nap every once in a while. I'll do my best to have a beary fun time! You should come too!


  8. Oh, yes!!! We need Sebastian's reports on the show--how else will we know what it is like?!! I'm SO relieved to know that he will be there.


  9. @ Cheryl - I am going out on a limb here, but I think Sebastian will be delighted to know that you are depending on him! He's looking forward to seeing you at TBAI in August too!


  10. Of course he should go and report to us. He might have some of so yummy things to tell!!!

  11. Hi Bonnie,

    Nice to hear from you. I am certain if it's yummy Sebastian will sniff it out!



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