Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Birthday Conspiracy – Part 2

The recipient of this surprise is a huge Harry Potter fan – like many of us – except I do believe she’s has me beat. I had to decide how to approach the idea and my goal was to stay away from trying to create a Harry Potter bear or anything that would imitate those icons of the books and movies.

Finally it came to me that this piece should reflect a similar enthusiasm for the stories, the characters and the magic of it all. The little bear that would reside in the box should be a fan as well – a big fan – the kind whose mother is very understanding when he wants to hang out under the stairs and read his books by candlelight.

On the left side of the box, I decided to create some mini-posters for this little HP fan but have them in frames similar to the framed paintings and wall notices in the movies.


This was fun to do but there’s always a bit of nerve-wracking going on when you really, really don’t want to mess anything up. This photo was taken just after the clear acrylic sealant had been applied. That is why they are milky looking.


While the posters were setting up, I moved to create some potion bottles – doesn’t every wizard need a few potions up his sleeve – or on the shelf – just in case?


Of course this little fellow has every Harry Potter book in the series. He’s read them all at least twice, maybe three times. He’s working on memorizing the spells . . .


and the potion recipes.


Here is the left side of the completed box. See the wooden wand there on the side? My husband whittled it as well as all the others contained within.


This is the right side of the completed box. This bear has created his own ‘cupboard under the stairs’ and was lucky enough to find a framed print of the Tri-Wizard Cup. He was so excited when it arrived in the post!


Meet the resident of this box – Muggleton. I wish I had thought up that name but it was chosen and bestowed on him by his new owner. It suits him perfectly. In an effort to pay tribute to the hero of the books, this bear wears a Gryffindor scarf (knitted by my daughter) and those round black glasses (custom made by me – my optometrist did not have anything in his size!). He never goes anywhere without his wand.


So here it is at last – the entire piece I called “Essentials of Magic – First Year”. Happy Birthday to one special friend!



  1. Hi Ginger, it is just magical. Such a clever idea, not putting a character in.That little bear reading under the stairs is just right.

  2. Your recipient is SO LUCKY! I'm totally head over heels with this new bear and all his company.

  3. Magical!!!!

    Love it,Hugs,Leny

  4. ohhhhhhh wow :) wish it was coming here :) off to see the final movie next week at 12.05 am !!! love mouse xxxxx

  5. Hi Ginger,

    Oh, Muggleton is wonderful, love his name. He looks like he is all snuggled in for a day of Harry Potter stories.

    Have a wonderful day.


  6. Идея- супер ! Очень нравиться!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! It's absolute perfection!! You really outdid yourself this time, Ginger. I can't imagine how it could be any better. I bet your recipient must be over the moon with little Muggleton.


  8. @ Kays Kids - Thank you Kay! It seemed like a good solution. You are very kind!

    @ Val - Yes. Lucky - to have someone who thought up the plan and let me participate. It was fun!

    @ Leny - Thanks! :)

    @ Mouse - Ohhh I hope it's wonderful and I hope you enjoy it! Kinda sad to see the end of it but we really want the good guys to win in the end, don't we? Thank you for your visit and kind compliment!

    @ The Bear's Blog - Yes, it is a great name - like I said, wish I'd thought of it. A day of reading would be grand!

    @ jacarda - Thank you. :D

  9. @ Cheryl - You are way too kind but thank you so much! I think she is pretty excited about it, too! See you soon!

  10. This is absolutely awesome... you are obviously a wizard yourself.

  11. Ginger, this is one of the most amazing pieces I've seen. There was so much thought put into it and it turned out perfect.

  12. There really are no words to describe how wonderful this is. A super, exceptional, unique gift. A family affair it sounds like. I wish I were the recipient.
    Thanks for taking us through the process of its creation.

  13. I am a VERY lucky girl :0) wonderful to see these post ginger! xx

  14. @ Heather - Too funny but very nice. Thank you, Heather!

    @ maddyrose - What a kind compliment which I greatly appreciate. :)

    @ Delores - We did get quite a few of us involved but with great enthusiasm. I would ask, "Can you . . .?" And they would respond, "Just give me the details." So I can't take all the credit. Thank you.

    @ Elanor - You are lucky because so many people love you and someone loves you enough to make a great plan and see it through - just for you! :)

    @ Carrie@In the Hammock Blog - Wow! Such enthusiasm! Thank you!

  15. I'm without words, is a meticulous work, perfect in every detail.

  16. Oh my! What an enchanting work of art you all created! I think part of the magic was that the collaborative bits all wove together into something really special! Please do comment on here after the recipient gets it as to what their comments are about it! :) That would be fun to know.

    Waving a wand of congratulations your way on a job well done! Kristi

  17. Oh what a fabulous creation, love it, love it, love it!

  18. @ Doris - Thank you so much!

    @ KristiKringle - See a follow-up post on July 10, 2011. A link will take you there.

    @ Katy - Thanks! I appreciate it!


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