Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sebastian in Print

After all the excitement of being at the teddy bear show, coming back to a pirate-less world made Sebastian just a wee bit sedate. Too sedate for a bear of his energetic 6” stature. Luckily I had a small surprise up my sleeve. It seemed like the time was right to show him the book I had created about him. I thought it might lift his spirits.

First, I showed him the front with his name in big letters. I think his heart gave a little leap at seeing himself in that all too familiar pose of waiting on the porch with his suitcase.


As I turned the pages for him, he stopped and lingered at each one remembering the fun times he’s had going out and about – like the time he went and got eyeglasses.


Next he had to stop and drool over memories of the chocolate ganache cake he had at the birthday party.


Then the mail brought us both another surprise; the current issue of Teddy Bear Times. We were both thrilled to see a bear made by our good friend Elanor on the cover.


Once open, I had to point out someone familiar.
“Look Sebastian! See anyone you recognize?”


“Yep, there’s Maybee looking at you from the pages
of Teddy Bear Times  magazine.”


“You aren’t bored reading about bears from The Piece Parade, are you?  Maybe this will change your outlook. Photos of you also made it into the magazine.”


“See?  There you are at Disney World! Pretty exciting, right?”

“Oh, I know. You want to look at all the pretty photos of Elanor’s bears and mice.”


“Okay, we’ll take turns. Just don’t drool on the magazine like you did on your book.”


  1. oh how awesome is that! congrats ongetting featured

  2. классные фотки...

  3. Hi Sebastian,

    WOW, you are a star. Maybe you could post your autograph for me. Miss Kay over at Kay's Kids had Wilbur send me his autograph. He was on television last Wednesday, so now he is a star too.

    Sure hope to see that signature of yours. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs

    Sissy, LuLu, Flora, me, & Mom are all so proud of you!

  4. Oops, I was so excited to see The Star in TBR that I forgot to wish Miss Ginger a happy weekend.

    Miss Ginger, Happy Weekend. You and Sebastian have fun together. EAT CHOCOLATE!!!

    Heaps of Hugs

  5. Hi Sebastian,

    Congrats on getting your picture in a magazine and for having a book about you too. You are so amazing.

    Your new fan Bellamine

  6. Congratulations!!! Sebastian. What an honor to be in Bear Review. A colour photo as well. I hope you know the whole world can see how handsome you are, and how well traveled you are.

  7. Ginger that is awesome. By the way I secretly invited Sebastian to come for railroad days but never heard back from the little guy. Oh well I shall take pics.

  8. Oh no, what have you done?!!! I'm never going to hear the end of that book from Jack. He's very impressed at all the places Sebastian and his other brothers and sisters have been featured too. Maybe I'll put him in print for Christmas if he's a good boy...

  9. Congratulations! Love your pics and story with Sebastian!

  10. Congratulations, Ginger on being featured in the Teddy Bear Times!! How wonderful! And very well deserved, too! I don't get the TBT in print, but I do get the electronic version--I'm going to pop on by and check it out.


  11. Wow, Sebastian is a star! I hope he doesn't turn into a diva now he's even more famous!

    Hugs, Nicki, xx

  12. @ WhingingNinja - Thank you!

    @ kola1311 - :)

    @ The Bear's Blog - Sebastian says to tell you thank you and that you are very lucky to have all those wonderful friend! Autographs too!

    @ maddyrose - Sebastian is blushing.

    @ Kays Kids - Sebastian wants you to know he has high hopes that he'll get to visit your part of the world one day

    @ Sharon - Thanks! We'd love to come - if only!

    @ Katy - Oops! Well, Jack's been some pretty cool places - you might be stuck making him a book!

    @ Jennifer - Thank you Jennifer!

    @ Cheryl - Glad you made it home and thanks for your comments! :)

    @ Nicki - If that happens I'll definitely need some help reigning him in!


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