Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sebastian is up to something.

Sebastian asked if he could borrow my desk for a while. I said, “Sure. Whatcha up to?” But he wouldn’t tell me. He simply asked that I leave him to his creativity. Then I asked if I could watch and he said no. Sebastian is up to something.

I tried to be nonchalant when I walked by him very, very slowly – with my camera – several times.

The first time this is what he was doing. He had poured out my rhinestones. H-m-m-m.


“Are you playing stoplight, Sebastian?”
“Don’t you have something to do?” came the reply.


This is Sebastian’s “you’re not supposed to be in here” look.
“Okay, okay. I’m leaving – for a bit,” I said.


When I came back Sebastian was trying to close his suitcase.
“Uh, Sebastian, something is sticking out there.”


“Sitting on it won’t help,” I advised helpfully.


“Well, now something different is sticking out. What is that?”


“Nope, try again. Whatcha got in there, buddy?”


“All secure, huh? Won’t you give me a little hint?
What’s in the suitcase?”


Yep, Sebastian is definitely up to something. I wonder what it is.


  1. Sebastian is definitely up to something!! Seems he has whipped up something wonderful I think and is hiding it in his suitcase!!

    Well whatever it may be I think it will be something good indeed. You see he has been watching you for sometime and has learned a thing or two!! :)

    Be well and Happy,


  2. Sebastian is so adorable, especially when he's hiding something! ;-)

  3. Sebastian, are you planning a trip with out Mum knowing??? The rind stones don't sound like a trip. May be you have made a surprise present for Mum. Who knows I hope you will tell us soon. Wilbur is here looking at what you are doing as well.

  4. Could he be planning to "run away" with you? LOL

  5. He's running away to join the circus with us! Oops, I wasn't meant to say that, now I'm getting beaten up by the other Clan members. It was meant to be top secret. Arrrrgh....


  6. Hi Sebastian,

    What is in your suitcase? Are you planning a trip? Or maybe you are hiding a craft that you are making for Miss Ginger? What are you doing?

    Heaps of Hugs

  7. Has he heard you mention a trip lately? Looks like he is planning to sneak along. You know how he hates being left out.

  8. There is absolutely no better way to wake up in the first cup of coffee and reading about Sebastian and his shenanigans!

    For the record, I think he's planning to sneak along on your next trip too!


  9. Oooooo intriguing, I can't wait to find out what Sebastian's been up too.
    Big Hugs
    Elanor x

  10. Oh OH OH is coming to visit me? I am sure he is doing something very special, but I can dream can't I!!!!

  11. What 'cha up to, Sebastian? I'm curious!! :) Pretty rhinestones, too - good choice...for whatever you are doing! :)

  12. cute Sebastian, not i go to read the next post, i am curious.


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