Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sebastian’s Foray into the Magical World

Sebastian dug deep into his suitcase and magically produced some wings. If you look back a couple of posts, you will see a portion of them was protruding from his suitcase – the bright green bit. I do think he did quite a remarkable job of solving the problem of how to attach them since he isn’t really a fairy.  Tying them on with a bow seemed to be pretty resourceful.

Now why on earth would Sebastian want fairy wings? This you gotta see.

Apparently he had a lingering desire to meet Tinker Bell. How do you think he managed that?  First we all had to shrink really small because Tinker Bell is the same size as Sebastian.


The result of which, if we all weren’t really small, none of us could have seen him. Here’s another view of what the world looks like from a fairy’s point of view.


We knew that Vidia was tinker Bell’s nemesis so we were a little worried that Sebastian might not fair too well, but she was really sweet to him. He has that effect on both humans and fairies it seems.  Here’s Vidia having an earnest conversation with Sebastian.


At first Tinker Bell was a little confused by such a small bear - with wings no less.


But then she realized how big of a fan this little bear was. It must be time for some flying lessons. The best place to take off from? Why Tinker Bell’s head of course!


Alas, there were other admirers waiting to meet the famous fairy so we had to leave. Here’s Tinker Bell wishing Sebastian a fond farewell. Meeting her was wonderful – for all of us.


There was one last surprise to this portion of Sebastian’s fairy foray. We had the best of luck when we happened upon Peter Pan. Yes, the real Peter Pan - hanging about not far from Tinker Bell’s fairy forest.


It must be something to be such a small bear. You get to perch in some pretty amazing places.


Oh, Sebastian has two things he wanted me to add. First of all, he said I had been remiss in my last post because he had no evidence of having met Aurora, also known as Sleeping Beauty. So here’s she is in all her sweetness with Sebastian.


And secondly, he wanted me to tell you about his very wild ride.

“Sebastian, I think that is going to have to wait until next time. I’m having trouble keeping up with you!”

Therefore, he asked me to ask you to please come back later and read about his madcap adventure.


  1. My oh my Sebastian what a wonderful trip you have been on!! I think you are ever so clever with your wings. You have met some wonderful folks as well on your adventure.

    Well off to bed for me as well.

    Nite nite..Zzzzzzz

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    We are all ears...can't wait to hear about the mishap. Did you get yourself into trouble at Disney?

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. Well we think he was very smart, especially making wings to match Tinkerbell's outfit, thought we can see that Vidia might have made him a little nervous having boldly gone out in Tink's colours. We can't wait to read the next bit


    Jack and The Clan

  4. Sebastian, you must be on cloud 9 meeting Tinker bell and Peter Pan. Your little heart must be beating so fast in your chest. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

  5. Oh no! He let Mr. Toad drive????

    Sebastian.... everyone knows you never let an amphibian drive!!!!! They're too bouncy and hoppity and... well... let's just come right out and say it... CRAZY!!!!

    Very cool time spent with the faeries though... and good idea to take the wings... they can be rather persnickity at times.

  6. (ps, James Barrie.... or James Bearie... hmmm... perhaps the history books left something out....)

  7. Oh Sebastian, what an amazing adventure you've had getting to meet all of those famous people. The only famous people we've ever met is Santa and Frosty. What is Tinker Bell really like? We can't wait to hear the rest of your story.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  8. Sebastian I am getting jealous! Hope you are having fun. The white rabbit seems to have taken a liking to you too!

  9. No wonder he wanted to do his own post.
    Mama Bear


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