Saturday, September 24, 2011

Unexpected Discovery

Each of my bears has a jingle bell on him somewhere. Most likely my affection for them began when I was in college in an art class. Over the years, I have collected them here and there – for fun when I would see something out of the ordinary. I’m not very serious about it, but since they don’t require a lot of space new ones take up residence in my jingle bell jar from time to time.

As I was looking through them for some Halloween ones, I came across these bear head jingle bells


and these carrot ones – for bunnies, maybe.


Some Christmas ones, but it’s not quite time for these although it’s getting close.


Ah, here are the Halloween ones. The witchy one is kind of unique and I do think the skull is kind of cute – if skulls can be cute.


I began this whole thing when I got on the Internet to do a search


for these.


Even though I probably have enough of them for a while – a long while – I like to discover new colors.

In my searching,


I accidentally came across these.


Can you see how I found them hard to resist?


  1. Oh my goodness, I love bells too and your collections are far too pretty and impressive than mine! I want, I want! So cute!

    Those holloween bells are really cute too, I can't wait to see your new bears with them on.

    Hugs, Wayne

  2. that's actually a seduction! great find.

  3. I love your jingle bells especially the Disney ones. What a great collection.
    Every handful a new surprise.

  4. Hee hee, I love them! I think my favourite might be Pooh :o)

  5. ohhh they are cute :) love to hear little bells tinkling ... mmmmm off go and have a search love mouse xxxx

  6. son unos cascabeles preciosos.

  7. Hi Miss Ginger, Hi Sebastian;

    Jingle bells - Christmas time, Ho Ho Ho - oops, I got carried away.

    Heaps of Hugs

  8. I must live on another planet. I've never seen bells that look like the one's you have. Mine are so ordinary, not colorful or anything, just plain. Your's are something else all together.

  9. I was just in a shop looking at jingle bells. Yours are wonderful...I am going back to buy those bells. (Hi Sebastian xox)

  10. I guess maybe I LOST MY COMMENT. I hate it when that happens. It was a good comment too.
    Oh, Bother! Well, as I was saying, its neat how we have certain things that catch our eye when we're out and about. I would never have noticed these and didn't know there were such neat ones.
    I didn't know you had a signature (bell) on each of your bears.
    Do you mind if I steal that quote on your sidebar to put on my blog? the one under the little white bear.
    Mama Bear

  11. great collection, is the first time that i see this kind of bell (disney, bear, etc.)

  12. Ahh! Those are so cute!!! I LOVE the Stitch bell!!!!!!!

    ... I have an addiction to jingle bells too, I've got random ones, but my favorites are a bag full of tiny antique bells I bought from an antique store in Northern Michigan.

    What is your favorite bell?

  13. @ Wayne - It's great to find another bell fan! Glad you like them.

    @ susana - I think so too!

    @ Kays Kids - Thanks!

    @ Katy - Hm-m-m-m. I wonder if I could pick a favorite. That'd be hard.

    @ Mouse - I hope you find lots of wonderful bells in your search. I did!

    @ Virginia Isabel - Thank you!

    @ The Bear's Blog - Oh! I don't think I can think Christmas carols just yet!

    @ maddyrose - There is absolutely everything right about regular bells! I love those too1

    @ Sharon - Did you go back and get them?

    @ Love Bears All Things - I suppose if you look long enough you find some amazing and unique things.

    @ Doris - Me too! Now I can see there are other ones too!

    @ Heather - Really? You're a bell fan too? I think the Stitch one caught my eye first but I find it hard to choose just one. For now, I think I might be able to pick a Disney one for now - that is, until something else really cute comes along!


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