Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Funky Punkins

We went to the Farmer’s Market a week or so ago and saw an amazing number of pumpkins right from the pumpkin patch. They all were such gorgeous colors –


– even the funky ones were fascinating.


I liked the striped ones.


The pumpkins came in all kinds of shapes and sizes too – from very small ones


to those you could make into jack-o-lanterns.


Choosing the right one wasn’t easy. I mean is there really a ‘right’ pumpkin? I decided to leave that big decision to the one who offered to carry it to the car. After all, I can see faces in all of them so it really doesn’t matter much to me.


For $1.00, we also brought three of the little striped ones home. You wouldn’t want the big one to get lonely.


Day 7 of the 10 Days of Orange Crazy Countdown to Halloween!


  1. Don't tell me those pumpkins were really that pink colour?
    Happy 7th orange day. I loved the striped one as well.

  2. I think I just heard a sqeak as Jack ran out of the room - apparently he doesn't want to be turned into a lantern...

    Anywho, we do approve of your new finds, and the stripey ones are very funky.

    I'm going to look at the blogger comment thing for mine - I need to number the comments for an upcoming event, and could only find a way to do that on the embedded comments, I shall hunt further...

  3. YAY!!!! PUMPKIN TIME!!! Are you going to carve yourself a beary scary pumpkin, Mr. Sebastian????


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