Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hold on Tight

It goes like this. It’s the first day of October, a day that a bear should do something special, right? I put Sebastian in the car and my husband said to me, “It’s been a while since Sebastian has been out.” I responded, “Yes, I think he wanted to do something interesting.”

I doubt that running errands to the bank and the post office were very exciting by his standards. Remember, this is the guy who got a kiss from Minnie Mouse a while back. More errands and Sebastian was starting to look, not only bored, but perturbed. As if to say, “You brought me out for this?!”

It was then, just by luck, that we passed the ponies. The village market near our house, the one with the wonderful coffee shop, was celebrating that last days of Oktoberfest. As part of the celebration, they were offering pony rides.


Sebastian was all for it – that was until he found out how big a small pony really is.


Isn’t he sweet? Just look at those big eyes. You’ll have fun, I promise. No, I’m not going to ride. I’m too big, but you are (almost) just the right size.


Yes, he is much larger than you, Sebastian, but still smaller than a regular size horse. It’s a good place to take your first ride. Yes, I am sure.


No, they don’t come with seat belts.


Yes, that definitely means you should hold on tight.


Can we take you out again tomorrow? H-m-m. Let me think about it.


  1. Oooh, big, brave Sebastian, that horse looks HUGE!


    Jack and The Clan

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    Wow, a pony ride - how exciting. Now remember, no "horsing" around when you are sitting in that saddle. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. lovely ponie eyes,Sebastian is magic, finds new adventures wherever he go.

  4. Sebastian, You are so lucky I would love to ride a pony. It would be far better than going to Doll and Bear shows. You look so handsome in that saddle. Did you gallop?
    Love Wilbur.

  5. oh sebastian, it looks like you had so much fun. now aren't you glad you endured the errands?


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