Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two Kinds of Boxes

What is it with my posts having numbers in the titles lately? Never mind. Let’s proceed.

Here we are one day away from Halloween and I thought I would mix it up a bit today – combine a couple of holidays in a strange and bizarre sort of way. All in good fun, of course. And it has to do with boxes.


I love creating my bears&boxes pieces. The exciting bit after they are all done is seeing them from the outside and then opening them up to reveal the surprise on the inside.


Here are a handful of Halloween boxes from the last few years. And even though the pleasure from making them has passed, I still remember how delightful it was to create them.


This one even has a poem I penned which tells the Halloween tale of the kitty inside.


Now for the mix-it-up bit.

See these shoeboxes wrapped in Christmas paper? They have surprises inside them too, but not of my making – unless you count shopping for things like toys and toothbrushes.


They will be delivered to children somewhere in the world who might not otherwise receive any gifts at Christmas. If you want to have some shoebox packing fun, you can get the details by clicking here.


One day left in the 10 Days of Orange Crazy Countdown to Halloween!


  1. The Shoebox project is such a touching and needful cause. Thank you for bringing it to attention.
    I absolutely love your bear boxes. You are soooo talented. Thank you for sharing your detailed work. Hugs, Ginger

  2. Wonderful halloween boxes!

    This christmas-action is also in germany. Great thin for children.
    Nice halloween,

  3. Dear Ginger,
    We have the Christmas shoe boxes here as well. I think it is such a good idea. We have had written notes from some of the children, who received them. They appreciate every thing.
    Good luck I hope lots of people take it up.
    By the way my favourite is the first one. The little bear in the black and white suit. Fab.

  4. Well mixing up halloween and Christmas is certainly a surprise ;o) We do the shoe boxes at work for Romanian orphanages

  5. Hi Ginger,

    Truly a wonderful post. Yes, we sometimes forget that just receiving the basics for everyday living can be so exciting for a child who has nothing. Thank you for caring.


    Hi Miss Ginger,

    You are so wonderful. Sebastian is so lucky to have you for a Mom.


  6. I love your bears in the boxes! I could sit and play all day! The Shoeboxes are a great way to give at Christmas time. I've done this before and would love to take part again! Enjoy your day! Give those sweet bears a hug for me! ♥

  7. I really love the bears or cat in the boxes. Each is adorable and look like lots of fun to make and receive.

  8. I've done the Operation Christmas Box several years now and it is always fun to do...
    I love the clown bear and his box was fun seeing them all together.
    Mama Bear

  9. Oh, how nice to mention Operation Christmas Child! We'll be packing boxes next Sunday after church. I love the fact that each of the children will hear the Gospel as they open their box.

    Your bears are so precious. I just love Sebastian and am so glad that I found your blog!

  10. shoebox gifts are a wonderful way to give at christmas. i love to give stuff to kids who don't have anything instead of just buying more for my kids who have too much. thanks for promoting it.

    your bear boxes are adorable too


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