Friday, October 28, 2011

Zoltar in a Coffee Shop

We discovered a relatively new and delightful coffee shop near where we were staying at the beach. One thing that made it unusual was its resident fortune teller. Not just any fortune teller, but Zoltar.


Did you ever see the movie Big with Tom Hanks? Zoltar was in the fortune telling machine that transformed the character that Hanks played.


Sebastian was fascinated by Zoltar, who wore a gold turban with an orange feather. He asked me if Zoltar could really tell him his fortune.  See Sebastian peering up at him?


I explained that with a few coins deposited in the machine it would return a card with a fortune, but that it was just for entertainment; that what the card said should only be taken at face value.


He looked so longingly up at Zoltar that I thought perhaps we should give it a try – just for fun, of course.


Zoltar kept his part of the bargain and presented a small yellow card for Sebastian. Are you wondering if he was happy with what it said?


I should say so! It said he had a very sympathetic nature and devoted hours to the welfare of others. It also said he had a fine mind and would be successful. The next bit about being fond of sports I wasn’t so sure of, but Sebastian said he thought that was referring to his champion cookie eating skills to which I conceded. He really latched onto the last part which said unending happiness would be his.

Here’s a photo of Sebastian clutching his precious fortune. I don’t know about the unending happiness bit but for now he is definitely a contented little bear.


Day 4 of 10 Days of Orange Crazy Countdown to Halloween!


  1. Sounds like Zoltar is taking to Sebastian too... LOL The little one sure has a good card to hold on to.

  2. seems to be happy, Seabastian is a cute and happy little bear.

  3. Awwww... Sebastian is so cute! Good luck to you Sebastian, thanks for sharing your adventure =)

  4. "champion cookie eating skills" Sebastian, you're my kinda bear.

    Unending happiness this weekend, lil' friend.

    Heaps of Hugs

  5. Jack has some doubts about his 'graceful walk' but otherwise we can see how he would be happy with that. LT can remember Big, but she's glad you reminded her where Zoltar came from, because she was already racking her brains until she read the bit about it being in Big, and the smell of burning was too much!

    Jack & The Thistle Patch Clan

  6. To my great minded buddy,
    Sebastian,I am so pleased I know some one with a great mind, who loves to sing and dance. You sound so interesting.I agree us teddies are the best at sport. Cookie tasting, is a sport and requires a great mind to examine the taste.
    When you were looking up at that fortune teller you looked so small.

    Have a great weekend my clever friend.

  7. Ginger, I love this post. Go Sebastian Go! Everyone needs to meet Zoltar and get a fortune!

  8. ginger, as soon as i saw zoltar i thought Big. love that movie. we own it on vhs, and yes we still have a vhs machine, though it is in my sewing room with a small t.v. my sewing room is a mess! i think today i will go clean it so my husband and i can watch some of our large collection of vhs'. thank you my friend for the reminder and the modivation. sebastion, i have to say i am envious of you for getting to see zoltar. your fortune was very accurate i would say.


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