Monday, November 21, 2011

Asking for your thoughts.

I have gotten quite enamored with making a few bears in a smaller size. This one is 4.25 inches tall. You have seen him here before, but I wanted to remind you what he looked like because I am interested in your thoughts.


He is made from this fur fabric. It is very soft and I enjoy working with it. It’s the same fabric that Sebastian is made from although he is a different color.


Recently I finished this bear. On first glance he probably looks quite a bit like the one before.


When I was at the Hunt Valley Christmas Teddy Bear Show, I succumbed and purchased one, just one, small piece of fabric that is similar, yet subtly different.  I created the bear pictured above from it.  The photo below is that fabric.  It has a much shorter pile.


Perhaps if you see the fabric side by side the difference between them is more noticeable.


Here’s a close-up view – the pile is almost non-existent on the new piece seen at the top of the photo.


Now, as for the bears, can you see much of a difference?



  1. Not much difference at all! If you hadn't told me it was different I probably wouldn't even realize it.

  2. Hello,
    I can not even see the difference of the substance. Ready to bear it is inconspicuous.
    But both are very sweet.

    Have a nice weeks

  3. Well honestly, fancy asking someone to think so early in the week! I see what you're saying though, I'm not really spotting much of a difference in the final bears...

  4. I'm sorry Ginger, but there's only one way to really, appropriately test this. They need to be sent here... for the cuddle test.

    Ok, but seriously... they do.

    Wait, no, I had a serious "seriously", really!
    How do I say this? Dot is well loved. He goes just about everywhere with me, and I'm assuming he's made from a very similar type of fabric.

    What I can see being the issue with these two, and making the true difference, is for people like me, who take their traveling bears with them. I imagine the length of the pile will make more of a difference as the bear travels more. It certainly does with Dot and Dash. Dot's fur has become... how shall I say... very close to him. He's looking loved, where as Dash's longer pile fur is holding up better to the affections of time. (This is not to say, in any way, that I dislike the changes in Dot).

    So, while to me, at the moment, these two different hair types look quite similar at end result... I think maybe if these bears are *very* loved and well traveled, it may make more of a difference later on.

    It's time for Field Testing!!!! :)

  5. (Having an untrained eye) - I would say that I don't see a whole lot of difference in the fur. :) I think both are adorable! Love their expression! :)

  6. I love them both but would choose the longer fur, seems it makes a more scruffy bear which is the kind I adore. How does one purchase a bear if not at a show? =) Ani

  7. Both bears are adorable and I'd imagine the difference between them would more likely be noticed by hugging them. Looking at the photos they look pretty much the same. Hugs

  8. They are both equally adorable and the difference is quite subtle.

    Is it the one on the left that is slightly fuzzier?

  9. I think its more how the pile lies, one slightly older looking than the other as the pile is less flat. Lovely bears!

  10. Keep 'em coming. I am enjoying reading your responses. Some of you have asked questions so I'm going to take this opportunity to respond.

    @ Tracey - That is sort of what I thought too at least from the photos. There is a definite difference between the fabrics. Perhaps the difference would be greater in a larger sized bear.

    @ Nicole - Thanks Nicole. I appreciate your answer too. I think I am going to have to give the new fabric another try in a different size or style of bear - just to satisfy my own curiosity.

    @ Katy - You always make me laugh! Ha ha! I know what you mean though. It IS early to be thinking!

    @ Heather - Ha ha! I should have known you would come up with a reasonable, if not slightly self serving, idea about how to analyze the differences between the two. I do agree you have a point about how the bear will exist in the world. Will he rule from a sitting place or will he be a traveling tedy who gets into things? So much to consider for such a small bear...

    @ K. Joy - Thank you for your comment! I do appreciate your input and was thinking they do see pretty similar.

    @ Ani - Yes, scruffy bears do tend to tug at the heartstrings. My bears are available not only at in-person shows, but also on the available bears page of my website from time to time and at the exlusive online shows I have once or twice a year. Thanks for asking!

    @ maddyrose - Such insight! The hug test. That is definitely something that you can't test on the internet is it? While the new fabric is shorter and seems more sparse, the bear is a squishy companion that I might find hard to part with.

    @ dale's dreams - Yes, you are right. The one on the left is slightly fuzzier. More experimenting on the way! Thanks Dale!

  11. @ Amanda - That's true. If I had known ahead of time about this, perhaps I could have made one of each at the same time for a more even comparison. Now if they are both distressed, I wonder how they will compare? Thanks for your insight.

  12. Yeeees... self-serving... BWA HA HA HA.... it's because I spend too much time talking to Dot... not that, you know, a Teddy Bear would *ever* do anything self-serving.

    Especially if it's self-serving themselves another helping of cookies. Nope, they'd never do that.

    (at least, that's how I'm figuring Dot and the others define "self-serving")

  13. As long as they are like Sebastian they are wonderful. I truly am in love with that guy!!!! Happy Thanksgiving Ginger and all your bears, especially you know who.

  14. I think they are both really sweet. I wouldn't choose one over the other because of the fur, it's the expression that always gets me - a tiny difference in eye position or nose shape is what gives little bears character!

    Nicki, xx


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