Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Mocha Challenge

If you’ve wandered by to see what kinds of bear projects I have going on, I am working on some things which I will share after the first of the brand new year. In the meantime, we are still in holiday mode here making the most of these last few days of 2011.

Let me round out the year by introducing you to Daniel. Daniel Faucette – Barista Extraordinaire. Why extraordinaire, you may wonder. It is because he embraces a challenge. Let me explain.


If you recall from my last post, Sebastian has a new mug all his very own. He had been hinting (like every 5 minutes) about how “it must be time to go for coffee”. We also heard this: “I’m sure you and your other half would enjoy a nice cup of mocha, right?” And this: “It’s sure is a sad, sad day when you have a new mug but you haven’t been able to use it.” Yeah, he broke us. But that’s just the beginning.


Arriving at our favorite coffee spot (Jubala Village Coffee) we were met with the greeting of “The ususal?” And then, “Can I get you anything else?” That was when Sebastian started prodding me from inside my pocket. “Um . . . Daniel . . . would you - could you make a little mocha – a decaf mocha - in this little mug for this little bear?”

Daniel is a good sport and a great barista so he took up the challenge. How many people do you know that would go along with such craziness? Sebastian was in seventh heaven. It was such a tiny mug – could he do it?

Here’s Daniel in the process of pouring the milk in.


What will the art be? Will it turn out in such a small cup? Sebastian waited with baited breath.


Ah, look! It’s a heart. How fantastic is that?! A heart for Sebastian, Daniel’s littlest and greatest fan.


Sebastian was so pleased he almost didn’t want to drink it.


But eventually, he succumbed and drank it all.


“Can I have another?” he asked.


Sebastian and I would love it if you would say hello to Daniel. He said he would drop by and check out the photos of his accomplishment. Thanks Daniel for making Sebastian’s evening and entertaining us as well. Oh and by the way, our mochas were excellent as always.


  1. Hee hee, love the wee heart on top as well, perfect!

  2. Well Daniel, did you know you made the best cup of coffee for the most important bear there is.
    I loved the heart.
    Sebastian, I bet is was the best drink you have tasted.
    Wilbur and Granny

  3. wooo hoo he got his coffee :) and a beautiful one at that ... can I borrow Daniel to make me one at the mouse house ???? ... hopefully that will keep Sebastian quiet for a wee while ??? love mouse xxxx

  4. Hello Daniel. Thank you for taking such good care of our little buddy.

    Hi Sebastian,

    Glad to hear that you FINALLY shamed your humans into taking you for a mocha treat in YOUR new mug. Maybe you can talk them into a "weekly outing". A new tradition for the new year. Giggle.

    Heaps of Hugs

  5. Hello Daniel,
    you've done a great job making a little bear happy in such a perfect way!!!!
    Best Regards from Germany

  6. Hello Daniel! What a wonderful sport you are to be making little mochas for little bears!

    ... Be careful though, Ginger has given away your secret lair's location, now you may find yourself with a coffee bar filled with wee little bears with wee little mugs, all demanding special service!

  7. Well done, Daniel!! You certainly met and surpassed the challenge of making a mocha for little Sebastian.

  8. Muy bien hecho Daniel( por cierto te llamas como mi hijo y mi nieto jeje), has hecho feliz a Sebastian.
    Feliz Año Nuevo!!
    besitos ascension

  9. Oh ho! What a character little Sebastian! The bear sized mug is so very clever, what a fun thing to have. Thank you for sharing the pix.

  10. ah.. Daniel.. my husband will have to get directions to where you are - the next time he is in the state for work! Last time he was there he couldn't find any decent coffee place! and I said but Sebastian and Ginger know of one.. you will have to go where they hang out next time and he said he surely would! Thanks for taking such good care of Sebastian. The wee heart was a precious touch. You are a master!
    Happy New Year!


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