Saturday, December 10, 2011

We’re not New York City.

In today’s newspaper, there was a feature on Christmas windows around town. We sought them out and added a few of our own. While we drove around, we talked about how one day we would like to see the Christmas windows in New York City. We have seen videos of how they work on them all year long and have a great unveiling for the waiting crowds. Yes, maybe one day. Until then, we have a few pretty ones of our own. No, we are not New York City, but some stores really make an effort to create interesting windows. These are photos, and the occasional close-up, of some that I thought stood out from the rest.


a clothing boutique


close-up of details – look at those little pixies!


a vintage shop – yes, it’s a bit quirky


at the other end of the spectrum – an antiques shop


a candy shop

If I was a little kid, I’d have my nose plastered up against that window.


this shop makes their window a tradition

here’s a close-up



a stationery shop

and lastly,


a dance shop

reminds me of The Nutcracker!

Holiday festivities are really beginning to pick up here.  We like to look at the lights, the decorations and Santa’s elves.  I’ll bet you are one of them.  Come on.  Admit it.  Santa can’t do all that stuff without a little help.  Why, I might even help a little myself!


  1. I do love looking at all your shop windows. They look wonderful. That was a great idea, showing us what is in your neighbour hood.
    Hm, I will have to think outside the square.
    Love Wilbur.

  2. What great windows! How fun to find them all!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Hmm, well we had a giant reindeer appear a few weeks ago in the middle of the street, but other than that, our shop windows haven't gone too far out of their way (well not that I've seen, I don't really 'do' Christmas shopping!)


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