Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Valentine - from my heart to yours

Remember these from a couple of posts back?


They turned into these


which are attached to this paw


and that paw belongs to a ted that sits on this box.


Meet Tinsley – my new giveaway! I thought it was high time since it had been so long since my last giveaway. I wanted to do this because you guys are terrific, funny and generous and I wanted to have some mid-Winter fun, too.


I’ll bet you are wondering what’s in the box eh? I was told to make it interesting so I’m going to keep that a surprise for the recipient. I will eventually show you what’s inside – in due time of course.


In the meantime, here are some details about Tinsley.


He’s a small little chap – standing at 4¼“ tall. He is created from a sandy colored, very soft viscose fur fabric with fabric paw pads.


He is filled with a little bit of glass beads, a little bit of stainless steel beads, a little bit of polyfill and a whole lotta love. He is very – as my sister said just yesterday – huggable.


He’s also portable – very portable. How portable? He can ride in a purse or hide in a pocket or be carried in a palm – that’s how compact he is.


But he’s not a bear just for Valentine’s Day. He’s a bear that’s good for any day of the year because those balloons he carries – they aren’t permanent. He can put them aside and bring them out for special occasions.


As with my previous giveaways – entering is easy.

Here’s how it works:

- In the comment form at the bottom of this post, please leave your name as instructed below (very important) and I will enter you in Tinsley’s Giveaway. All comments will be private and unpublished. You don’t have to have a blog to enter.

- IMPORTANT! Please leave your first and last name and email address as part of your comment so I can contact you if your name is drawn. This info is for the purpose of this giveaway only and will not be shared, sold, traded, given away or added to any list. No email = no entry. Sorry but them’s the rules. The bears insist on my contacting the winner personally! They are very steadfast about this.

- If you have a blog and post a link to this one about my giveaway, I will enter your name in the drawing an additional 5 times. Please let me know once you have posted it on your blog.

- I will take comments until 6pm EST (Eastern Standard Time – New York City time) on February 13th. On February 14th – that’s Valentine’s Day you know – a name will be drawn randomly from all those who entered. (We will be using a random number generator to insure fairness. I can’t trust bears with sticky fingers to draw a name properly.) I will post the winner’s initials only and state/country in a new post on that day.

- Tinsley and his balloons and his box (with the surprise inside) will be mailed via USPS to his new home. As you know my bears love to travel and Tinsley is very curious about his new home. I will be waving him off before you know it.

The best of luck to all of you!


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