Friday, July 5, 2013

A Day in Portland

By Monday I will be back in the studio and I am excited about it because this trip has been loads of inspiration. Before that happens though, we have one more stop – Mt. Rainier in Washington. In the meantime, I thought I would show a few more photos of Portland, one of my favorite places to visit. Since this is our third trip here, we decided to see a few things we haven’t seen before.

Okay, I fibbed a little. We stopped at this wonderful ribbon shop and yes, I have been here before – about three times. I know you’ll understand though.


We visited the Public Library where we saw several interesting things including this magnificent stairway and

you can appreciate the details even better close up.

We shopped the Portland Saturday Market (fabulous) where we listened to this one-man band for a few minutes.

Jay and I visited the International Test Rose Garden when it was very warm and sunny. Maybe I’ll show you some more of the beauty there when I am in the thick of my studio projects and need to take a break from concentrating.


The aerial tram took us high above the city for a magnificent view of The City of Bridges.


We passed Hollywood on the way to or from


The Grotto. I can’t remember exactly – we packed a lot into our days.


Jay and I climbed these 282 steps at the Mt. Tabor park to view the sunset.

We had a very nice dinner together at The Pie Co. (I mean really – pie? Can you have too much?)

We said our final goodbye to the city with a nighttime view from the Portland City Grill. Lovely.


Next up, Mt. Rainier, unless Sebastian pulls it together and gets his Part Two post finished.




  1. un viaje de lo mas interesante , y lo estas disfrutando mucho , gracias por compartirlo , es muy generoso por tu parte



  2. Oh I would love to poke around that ribbon shop. I am always looking for something different.
    What a marvelous stair case.

  3. Wow...enjoy your day at Mount Rainier! Wish I could come with you...been there long long long time ago! :)

  4. LT likes the ribbon shop and the stairs, and we like the band and the view :o)




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