Friday, July 26, 2013

Elements of happy.

I have made some small bits of progress over the last few days.You see it here in this photo which shows more of the wire portion.

Then there is this photo which shows some letters.

I also finished this tiny Alice in Wonderland book – the cover:

and the inside:

In addition to working sporadically I have to admit to enjoying a few elements of things that have made me happy, giddy and downright silly as well as contemplative.

(Taken today at my dad’s house. Hi Daddy!)

A lot of it has to do with these two – I have laughed so hard over the last few days, there were times I couldn’t catch my breath. Those moments I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Sebastian came along with us on several of our adventures. I promised him I would only show him in the best light so here he is at the nearby Duke Gardens.

We also stopped at our favorite coffee shop where, just for grins, I took this photo.
The caption: There’s one in every crowd.
(Hey, I love ya, Nome!)


Now my entertainers have gone and left me with a nearly empty house so I find myself back in the studio weighing the merits these mushrooms.

I think I will be able to wrap up this project very soon which I am looking forward to sharing here. I love summer diversions especially when I know how quickly summer passes. Studio work, travel, hanging out with friends – they are all elements of happy. Thanks for coming along for the ride.



  1. You unravel a bit of mystery each time I visit....wonder what you have in mind for these different elements...
    Hello Sebastian, I be it was cool sitting by that waterfall...
    Mama Bear

    1. Hi Mama Bear,

      Soon all shall be revealed. No more mystery then!

      Sebastian says hi!


  2. Everyone needs good days of fun to psych themselves up for the next round of contemplation :o)

    K x

  3. ginger what are you up too?! I can't wait to see the finished piece, I keep wondering what it might be.

    Glad you had good times with your friends, although I'm not surprised you are rather fun :0)


    1. Hi Elanor,

      Gee, I sure hope it's as interesting and fun as you hope it will be. Did that make sense? Very soon now.

      We did have fun - can one have too much fun?


  4. It looks like you had a great time with your friends. And your coffee looks very stylish. :) I'm looking forward to the full reveal of your project! It has a bear, so of course it will be wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi K. Joy,

      I can confirm that it does have a bear for sure so I hope you'll like the completed project. Stay tuned!



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