Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mt. Rainier – The Mountain Adventure

Sebastian and I are going to share this post because he’s afraid that I will leave out important parts. Those parts would be photos of him I am sure. Anyway, here’s Mt. Rainier - The Mountain Adventure. Co-written by Sebastian.


We all shared a cozy little cabin next to this creek. At night we turned on the fairy lights in the woods.

mrta_po_1     mrta_po_2

My turn. At night we had a fire! I mean, we built a fire. Not like the place burned down or anything like that.


It was so much fun – especially eating the roasted marsha-mellows!


I think those fairy lights brought us some fairy magic because with a few sprinkles of some magic powder the fire burned different colors. It was so cool! Also, Mr. Lex took this photo and told me I could share it with you. He’s cool like that.


The next day we drove into Mt. Rainier National Park headed for Paradise. No, really, it’s a place on the map. On the way, we stopped to take a look at these falls and the rainbow they made.


Then we stopped to take a photo of me holding up the mountain. Can you see that snow up there? We get much closer to it when we get to Paradise.


Sebastian is right. We did get much closer. We hiked (or slipped) our way down what was classified as an ‘easy’ trail. It was very strange to be standing on snow in short sleeves and shorts.


And just to prove I was along for the trek, here’s a picture of me, too!


Later we went back down below the snow line and hiked through the woods crossing this swinging bridge so we could see some 1000 year old trees.


This is Mr. Jay sitting in the roots of a tree that had fallen over. That was one huge tree!


Here’s a photo of the four of us in front of two huge and very old trees.


Not that they don’t make a great photo but here I am in front of the trees too.


Ah, much better – a close-up.


Tomorrow we will be winding up our visit here. It’s a very different place from where we live. It’s great to see a different part of the world and it will be great to get home and get back to making things too.

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  1. What an adventure! Lovely! I'd love to see those massive trees up close. Glad you had such a great time. xx

  2. Hi Sebastian,

    You are a perfect tour guide. And, did you manage to throw a snowball or two at you-know-who? Sure hope so. Giggle.

    Safe travel home, my little friend - safe travel.

    Prudence ♥

  3. I'm sure you would have liked the toasted marshmallow Sebastian. Did you jump on that swing bridge?

  4. I so want to visit the area you are in Sebastian!! It looks like a beary special place, thanks so much for sharing. Send some of that snow down to Wilmington - we were in the 90's today, whew! Best, Ani & the Hudson Hug

  5. Fairy lights and multi coloured fire? Very cool! Toasted marshmallows are the bestest. We're not so sure about being hauled up to the cold stuff though...


    Jack & The Clan


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