Monday, September 30, 2013

The Other Day, Here and Now, Into the Future

I think I’ll begin at the end, or rather ‘into the future’.

While it is still 2013, artists start planning for the next year’s shows. It’s time for me to be thinking about such things, making plans, organizing, getting my head together. Oh, alright. I know that last one is a bit ambitious.

In any case, I know for sure that one show I will be attending is the Artist Doll and Teddy Bear Convention in Philadelphia.    ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓


The reason is that I will be doing a presentation called “Creativity, Ideas & Inspiration: Getting Where You Want to Go”.


Of course, I’m not the only one who is presenting. There are loads of others too. And workshops! All kinds of workshops. Click here for more details. If you want to sign up, keep in mind that there are a limited number of convention spaces available. Last year it sold out. Hurry! Hurry!

As for the ‘here and now’ portion of this post, I have a few new photos to share. Actually, I have more than a few but I am selecting four to share now. If you remember this photo from before:


You can see in the following photos that I have made some progress since then. First I mixed up some goo.  I meant for it to be this exact color too.  A lovely shade of not quite green, not quite something else.

I wanted the effect that this technique offered so I was determined to make it work.  The first time out of the gate was a massive failure since I only thought I had read the instructions completely.  Seems I overlooked a minor detail that really goofed up the whole thing.  That’s what you call an education.  In the end it turned out to my advantage because I did some research and found out how to get better results by going a bit beyond the instructions.

This photo shows the goo applied to the stencil.  This was quite satisfying in itself – all smooth and even.

Next, the removal of the stencil.  It could have been nerve-wracking but I didn’t have time to consider the consequences lest I goof up again.  Just like ripping off a Band-Aid.  Don’t think about it, just do it.

Whew!  When it was over, it was so worth it for it to come out like I had hoped.

Lastly, ‘the other day’, Sebastian posted a video of Topher. There were some technical difficulties which I hope we have resolved by using You Tube this time around. So, if you missed it the first time, here it is again. Sebastian wants me to tell you that it’s okay if you want to watch it twice.

Just for Fun–Topher!

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading!

Happy Monday!



  1. Okay, without a doubt Topher steals this post, paws down. He is so little and adorable. Give him hugs from us, please.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. Love the video of Topher, laughing at his feet slipping and peeping round the bin at the end!

  3. I do love your little dog Topher. HM!!!! still guessing. Looks like the floor of a swamp. I think I may be way out....

  4. I love how the floor of the pumpkin turned out - very cool effect that stencil gave it!! I could see the video just fine this time, and it made me giggle. So funny to see Topher's feet slipping all over! :)

  5. Ahh, we think you're the perfect person to be giving that sort of lecture.

    We think it's mean to torture the wee guy with a thing 15 times his size when he can't get a grip on the floor, we want to see you wrestle a hot air balloon on an ice rink and see how you like it!

    Jack & The Clan


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