Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Making a Camera?

As part of one of my current works in progress, I am attempting to make a camera. Not one that really works mind you – just a model. I began with an empty oatmeal box. It was the perfect size for my purpose: the camera lens.

I also dug into my cache of miscellaneous needful things – corrugated cardboard, foam core and an old wrapping paper tube.

First I cut the camera shape out of foam core.

Then from the tube and cardboard, I cut out some details.

I glued those parts together,

added a couple more features

and put a base coat of gesso on them. Gesso has become a great friend of late. Who knew?! When I was younger I couldn’t understand its redeeming value.

Next: Deciding what colors to paint it. Then I can move on to some other quirky aspect of this piece. Speaking of quirky –




  1. Yep, Hump day today. Sebastian are you going to be the photographer????
    May be it is going to take very big pictures.
    Hugs Wilbur

    1. Hi Wilbur,

      Sebastian says to tell you that he needs a camera that really works. None of this pretend stuff. ;)


  2. I went into an old camera shop here and picked up a couple of cheap wee 1950's compacts to go with a couple of bears. 'I'm not entirely sure they still work' said the guy behind the til, 'That's okay,' I replied, 'I don't think the bears will be very good at pressing the shutter button.' He looked a tad perplexed initially, but then got very into the idea, and started hunting the shop for the best models :oD



    1. Hi LT,

      I would have enjoyed being in the shop for that encounter. Had to be entertaining all around. Looking forward to see you use them - and maybe even take some of those studio shots with them! ;)



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