Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Beary Nice Link Between LA and Berlin by Sebastian

Hi ho my dear friends! Since it was my first time in California I thought a trip to Griffith Park would be a nice adventure. Little did I know that Griffith Park has a beary nice link between Berlin and Los Angeles. Having been to Berlin and now to Los Angeles, I thought that was kinda cool.


First, here’s the sign to prove I really was there. Can you see me?


Here I am again. I had fun climbing all over the letters.


Now to explain about the LA – Berlin link. They are sister cities and Berlin presented this sculpture to Los Angeles.


I had a ball posing for these pictures.


Here’s a photo taken along one of the paths we walked. I love saying that even though I didn’t really walk myself!


This is me in a very cool tree. I am excited to be able to add this one to my collection of “Me in Trees” photos.


After a while, we took a very curvy drive to the very tiptop of the mountain to take in the view.


Check out this photo looking in the opposite direction.  It’s thee very famous Hollywood sign and was very cool to see.


I was one busy little bear that day but that wasn’t the end of my adventure.  I’ll be back again with some fun photos. I hope you don’t mind if I retain control of bearbits for a little while longer.  Afterwards maybe I’ll take a nap or a walk, or play on the swings.

love & hugs,


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  1. Retain away, Sebastian. We like your posts more than.......oops.



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