Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Day Trip

Hi ho. Sebastian here. Topher and I went on an adventure a few days ago and thought I’d share a few photos from our road trip. This is not Topher, by the way.  He wouldn’t get near this big, black dog (even though he wasn’t real).

This was our destination:  Black Dog Salvage

Neither of us had ever been to a salvage shop.  It was so interesting.


They had all kinds of things there inside and

outside.  Like this propeller.


Stuff you might never think about turning into yard art.

Need a bathtub?


Or a rusty radiator?


Here I am again sitting on some chain link from a ship.


On the way home, we passed this stately bear and I thought I should have my photo made with him.


What a great perch for my first picture,


but the view was better from up here.

At the end of the day, I wasn’t the only one who was ready for a nap.


My buddy and I had a great time seeing all there was to see and we hope to go back again one day soon.

love & hugs,

sebastiansigns  &    toph_signs

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