Tuesday, July 19, 2016

TBAI Gallery Piece – Mushrooms WIP

Here are a few more WIP photos for my 2016 TBAI Gallery Piece. The subject: mushrooms. I don’t know where I got this thing I have about mushrooms but I choose not to question it. I just go with the flow. And the mushrooms – well, my collection has – um – mushroomed?

I have a lot on hand – a big jar full of them in all sizes. It’s my ‘go-to’ place for mushrooms.

I decided they would be just the right touch for this project, so I started out by seeing what size or sizes, I would need. Here I have set up the unpainted ‘rocks’ with a large mushroom. And what’s the first thing I noticed? That those spots had to have been painted by someone in a big hurry. That would never do. Out with the sandpaper to sand off the unfortunate spots.

Then it was time to bring out some mushroom colored paint – sort of a creamy, off white, mushroom-y color for the stems and a not-so-shiny-not-so-bright red for the tops. I painted a lot of different sized mushrooms.

After that it was time for some new spots. I procured some new paintbrushes at the Philadelphia show which worked perfectly. If there were a lot of mushrooms, there were even more spots!

Now with the rocks painted and most of the moss added to them, I was able to add the newly painted mushrooms to my scene.

More to come shortly. Thanks for reading!


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  1. I always enjoy seeing the WIP and then the finished project...
    Mama Bear


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