Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How I Cooled Off in Florida in July

Hi there everybody! Sebastian here and I’m back from Florida.  I feel so much cooler. When I got to thinkin’ about it, I guess you must have thought I had gone off my rocker going to Florida to cool off, but it worked. I cooled off in snow and ice in Florida. And I have a new friend too.

This is a sculpture dedicated to my new friend, Olaf!

This is me in front of it. It was a little bit bigger than me by just a tiny bit.

I knew I was in the right place when I saw these signs. I started feeling cooler at once.


We arrived just in time to see the opening ceremonies and Olaf on the big screen under the giant 122 foot tall Sorcerer’s Hat.

Olaf is one funny guy.

We were excited to be part of Frozen Summer Fun. It was exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to find to help me cool off.

When the opening show was over, it snowed on us in the middle of July in Florida.

And that’s just the beginning. Come back next time so I can show you how I got to play in the snow!

love & hugs,


Friday, July 18, 2014

A Conversation with Sebastian

The other day I was out on the porch working on my current project when Sebastian drives up in his Mini. I stopped and took a good long look at him as he parked right in the middle of the floor. I couldn’t quite figure out what he was up to so I had to ask.


Hi there Sebastian. You look like you are going somewhere.

I am. I am packed and ready to go.

Oh yeah? Where are you going?

Someplace that is cool. I would like to take a break from the extreme heat we are having here. It is making my fur sticky.

Ah, I see. So that is why you are wearing a winter hat and scarf.
Where are you planning to go?

I’m going to Florida!

You’re going to Florida?! To escape the heat here?

Yep. I’m heading to Florida in search of a nice cool place to hang out for a few days.

Um . . .Sebastian, if you want to go someplace cool, I don’t think Florida is the best choice, especially in July.

I’m pretty sure I will find a place that is cool – maybe even cold! Maybe I’ll find some snow and ice!

O-ka-a-a-ay. I’m guessing that is why you have your sled with you?

Yep-a-rooni. I’m going to go sledding!

Let me get this straight. You are driving to Florida in your convertible Mini Cooper in search of snow with your sled in the front seat wearing a winter hat and scarf?

You got it lady! Wanna come?

Well . . . I wouldn’t mind a trip to Florida. Maybe I should go along just to keep you company.

Okey dokey. Just make sure you pack some warm clothes.


Now you can see that I had to go along just to see how this whole thing turns out. With Sebastian you just never know! Stay tuned.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Making Of (Part 3)

Here are photos of the finished piece that I have been showing progression pictures of in my last two posts.

Let’s begin with the ted that lives inside the box. I didn’t name her but I’ve come to find out that she does have a name given to her by her new owners. It is Ruby. A very fitting name.


Here’s a close-up of her face.


Next up is the front of the box. If you read the first part of this series, you have seen it pretty near completed already.


The details that I showed underway in my last post are shown here finished.  First there’s the heart box lid with another heart inside – and scrolls or curly Q’s on either side.


Here’s a close-up of a couple of the tiny boxes that were painted, lined and had text on vellum added to them.


And the middle bit. This little witticism cracks me up.


Here’s the left size in its entirety.


Now to the right side.

These are the dominoes set in place – each one represents an aspect of the new owners’ lives.


This shows the archway and the quote within. If possible, I like for the box to appear complete if the bear happens to go visiting from time to time.


The right side:


And here at last, you can see the finished box with the bear in place.


I thoroughly enjoyed making this piece and using various techniques create it. I hope it brings lots of smiles to the new owners and conjures up some good memories in the years to come.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Making Of (Part 2)

As promised, I’m sharing photos I took of the details I created for the inside of the bears&boxes piece I described in my last post. First a page of images I created for use as decals.

I chose dominoes to be the vehicle for the decals – right size and shape for the design.

Preparing to apply the decals

and applying them.

On a few I added some color before adding the decal.

Some of the decals were only text and I had to treat them differently from the ones that were images only.

Another part of the plan included transforming a paper mache heart box lid and a few tiny boxes that were just the right size.  There’s a history to the tiny boxes.  I’ve had them for ages and ages.  They held pins I earned when I was a 4-H’er in school.  Who knew how they would come in handy all these years later?  I love that! 

Carrying on with the texture I used on the outside of the box.

This photo shows a glimpse of the background of the box.  I was testing out the placement of the various pieces I wanted to use.

Here a few curly Q’s I incorporated into the design.

The boxes prepped for paint.

And the boxes, heart box lid and curly Q’s painted. (As before, what appears blue in this and the following photos is really a rich purple color. 

I lined the tiny boxes with the same paper I used on the background.

Part of a personal story printed on green vellum.

Each box will be lined with words from the story – snippets of memories!

Because there were so many photos in this post, I will show the completed box with the bear in my next post.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the various techniques I used on the inside and outside of this piece.  Now I think I will turn in for the night.  I have another project underway at the moment.  Photos will be forthcoming not too long from now. 


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